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Every few hours the steeples will transform to minarets and the adhan will start playing.

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If they have all that money left over it means they're taxing too much. They should cut the sales tax instead of giving people cash.

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This is REAL bad for the 'Rats. Most 'Rat districts are won with with more than 75% of the vote. 8% in the generic poll means the GOP will sweep every close race. GOP will pick up over 30 seats easy, maybe 50.

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It would take at least half of the 'Rats in the state to cross over and vote for her in the primary. I don't think the Wyoming 'Rat party is that disciplined.

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Nope. The door opens automatically after 15 seconds of pressing the bar. It's a fire exit door, aka "means of egress".

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I can't believe all the fake shit that gets stickied here. It's a fucking fire door. An alarm sounds and it unlocks AUTOMATICALLY after 15 seconds. You can hear the alarm in the video.

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They unlocked automatically after 15 seconds. The alarm sounded. Working as intended. It's a means of egress.

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An alarm sounds and the door opens after 15 seconds. There's a red sign there that explains it.

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An alarm sounds and unlocks automatically after 15 seconds. That's what the red sign says.

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The Pepe shirt is from a crappy rap group from Norway. Sad Boys

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This is a perfect slap back to all the libs saying he's MAGA for posing with a Trump flag.

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