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Embarrassing, so now combat and defense is with a tube of mascara?

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This repeat of historical atrocities for the last 3 years at the border erodes ones patience and tolerance.
So sick of the child abuse!

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I read that about the bailout was thinking, @%$,$$$,$$$,$$$'= they're back in business. We're stuck with the bill. My speech has been suppressed for 4 years but now more than ever. I research and speak truth and try to warn ppl. They chose to stay in the, "American Coma". I figured there was a threat to shut down the J 6 footage release. As a rancher we are losing money every year and paying the cost of minimal feed choices, harrased to sell our land, give up water rights, triple tax increases, stolen midterm votes and inflation. I never go down without a fight. They can't have my land or water! We will persevere.

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I like that idea. I will do the same with my produce as well. I'm always giving it away if I don't have time to prep and freeze or can.

by Tesic
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Can we feed the admin to the illegals?

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Yeah, a good ole thumbs up. Dummy

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