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100% chance she commits suicide within 10 years.

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I get ya, I just don't see what is coincidental about any of this.

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This dude seems pretty based so why is he dragging his feet on the election fraud?

Maybe he wants to spring into action just before the Senate race so he can get that vote bump?

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You don't need a coincidence for Lin to be a fucking idiot tho?

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looool Qtards gone full retard.

What's more likely, that Lin is a grifter, or best case scenario, just an idiot, or that Kyle is some decades in the making crisis actor where he literally killed people, for this moment?

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I'm still on the fence about Abbott. He just seems so hesitant on every obvious decision. Always waiting fro somebody else to show the way.

Sure he's sending the troops, but will they actually stop anybody or just help them in?

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BLM has been co-opted by Soros.

Obviously the right to protest applies to all and every Constitutionalist should support that.

You don't have the right to riot tho.

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The election was stolen, that much is obvious. The problem is I see no mechanism that would rectify the steal.

Dems knew what they were doing. They knew there was zero political courage to move against the obvious steal at all levels. All they had to do was get in, and once they were they could run interference on everything to either make us forget about the steal or make it impossible to fix.

Unless there is some covert means still at work, America is fucked.

Of course grass roots efforts could still result in something, but that still requires courage by state leges, like AZ, which they obviously don't have.

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Most "friends" are only friends of convenience. Once it's no longer convenient they have no problem bailing.

Very difficult to have more than a dozen true friends.

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I noticed this in a couple of states.

Any state with a GOP supermajority in the state house that has any state level or fed level Dems is 99% some form of voter fraud.

How can you elect a supermajority at the state house and senate, but Dems get in fed level?

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Dude....he's a celeb. Even if he believes everything he says, his conviction to act on it is limited. He still need to make money.

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There is alot of retards out there saying Desantis needs to audit the 2020 election or he's a phony. No he doesn't. We know there was cheating by Dems, fuck he prolly knows it. There is no easy mechanism to undue the fraud even if you prove it.

His approach is the correct one. It is already highly illegal to cheat, double vote, impersonate another voter, whatever. There is literally hundreds of laws on the books already, some with severe penalties. But the Dems still cheated.


Because nobody is enforcing these laws. It don't fucking matter how many laws you draft to stop cheating if nobody will enforce them. In theory people like the FBI or DOJ would deal with election fraud, but they are deep state and willfully allow it.

So maybe with some real teeth Florida can secure their elections from the bullshit.

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We vote to force them to cheat so that the cheat can be exposed.

We can then fight to fix it.

If we don't vote they win without cheating and we got nothing to fight for, they won fair and square.

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Uh if you don't vote they won't need to cheat.

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Maher is such a dumb cuck. Driven by desperate TDS and incapable of thinking for himself. Spicer held his ground with facts and Maher was srtumped.

However Maher's position was interesting. He is defaulting to "people who know more than him" on the issue without actually looking into it. Also his same position on climate change, even tho the climate hasn't budged in 200 years. This tells me lefties default to what they are told and righties learn for themselves by examining the facts.

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The real issue is they don't know who they are mad at.

The establishment is real, but obfuscated behind agencies and commissions. It is these people who influence policy and laws that continue to destroy America. They have no allegiance to the Constitution and are in fact against it. With a legit Congress and Presidency these people would be easily destroyed, but we haven't had both of those in over 100 years.

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Did you respond to the correct post?

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The interesting thing is Conservatives weren't in control in the US.

Sure Reagan was Pres, but true conservatism wasn't maintained. The removal of church marched on, degeneracy continued, illegal immigration, decay of moral values. Literally nothing conservative, other than capitalism, which was transformed into corporatism under Reagan, flourished when "conservatives" were in control.

Because they weren't conservative. It was always commies.

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He currently is implementing his plan.

Primary RINOs and get as many America First candidates in Congress and high positions around the country. If Trump has a friendly Congress in 2024 things can get done.

People forget he had an adversarial Congress the entire time, that made it nearly impossible to get things done, and he still via a miracle, made things happen.

Without a legit Congress nothing happens. You can't disband the Fed agencies if Congress is cock blocking at every turn.

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