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Yeah. "Officially" does not equal "Rational".

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hahaa that is awesome. Thanks for the report.

I remember many many years ago I would watch the early morning C-Span call in show. It's good to hear perspectives from both sides. Don't know if I could do it right now. Thanks for listening for me!

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Officially? To "protect" the identity of voters and the secrecy of the ballots. Because the mail in ballots had signatures on the mail in envelopes, etc. People and/or cameras looking in via the windows "might" see that and it would be "voter intimidation" after the fact.

Something like that.

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It just illustrates the smug dismissal some of these people have for their fellow citizens.

I cannot tell if I am more mad or sad right now. How can fellow humans just not care like that? It's so... awful.

Kind people are having to work extra hard in this fight, because of that. I hope Frens understand.

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Musings from Taylor Lee, Food And Drug Administration Employee

When it comes to vaccinating blacks and people of color who don't want the covid jab, just use blow darts. First do it on white people, take video and show it, that way nobody can say blow darting unwanted vax into black people is racist.

Forced covid-19 vaccinations via door to door visits? Sure! Census goes door to door if you don't respond, so we have the infrastructure is in place... and we can lie and say it's a vitamin C shot.

There should definitely be a registry of the unvaxxed.

The white uneducated are a problem... give them an IQ test and if an IQ is below a certain number, they should definitely get a shot.

"But at this point I'm like, I don't care about your bodily autonomy"

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Friggin blow darts... what the ever loving hell.

I know it's exaggeration but what a smug bastard.

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A party of Frens is the best party. :)

OH! I see Pepe in a biplane pulling a banner! Look u/Alpha_Lemming the meme has come true in it's own form.

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I don't want to eat plant burgers but hey, my hamburgers are already waaaay stretched with filler cause, budget. Bread crumbs, onions, maybe some rice. Top with ketchup and tomato, lettuce, etc. still pretty yummy.

But a plant steak? No. That is a treat that must be 100% cow and still mooing a little on my plate. Rare steak. Mmmmmmm.

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What happens when he (Trump) warns not to go to these rallies, too?

Here is a link to the full article that was so misquoted on this site and elsewhere. Trump never said to not go to the rally on Saturday.


Trump also characterized the planned Sept. 18 rally at the U.S. Capitol as a โ€œsetupโ€ meant to denigrate Republican voters regardless of what transpires.

โ€œOn Saturday, thatโ€™s a setup,โ€ Trump said, referring to the rally. โ€œIf people donโ€™t show up theyโ€™ll say, โ€˜Oh, itโ€™s a lack of spirit.โ€™ And if people do show up theyโ€™ll be harassed.โ€

Lots of people here said "well that to me was as good as don't go" or "well he said it's a setup before he said the rest of it, so I'm going with setup.". The problem being, posting one's FEELINGS about a quote as fact, or taking a part of the quote out of context to make a point, is just as bad as what the MSM did to Trump for 4 years. Case in point, the "Fine People" Charlottesville hoax.

People need to remember to stick with facts and investigate things independently.

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That is exactly what the other side wants you to think.

Last weekends rally in DC and the rallies for this coming weekend all organized by Matt Braynard and Look Ahead America


There is a huge difference between a gathering being organized BY the feds in order to entrap/set up people... versus a legit rally organized by a stand up dude. At the second, everyone still needs to be careful if they wish to attend, because the ABC agencies will always try to infiltrate the crowd and cause trouble in order to make MAGA look bad.

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Yes, it is the same people as the one in DC this past weekend.

Look Ahead America is Matt Braynard's organization.

LAA organized the 9/18 rally

LAA also organized multiple state level rallies to be held 9/25


SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 | LAA Announcement Ahead of Justice for J6 Rally


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As I just posted for someone else:

Matt Braynard formed Look Ahead America specifically as a non-partisan non-political organization. Since these rallies are about the first amendment and how the J6 attendees who are still being held in jail without bail or charges, not about a political candidate or movement, he politely asks that the rallies reflect that same spirit.

Wear red, white and blue, bring lots of American flags and signs/banners supporting the rights of the 1/6 political prisoners. That's all.

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No, it's not being run by communists.

Matt Braynard formed Look Ahead America specifically as a non-partisan non-political organization. Since these rallies are about the first amendment and how the J6 attendees who are still being held in jail without bail or charges, not about a political candidate or movement, he politely asks that the rallies reflect that same spirit.

Wear red, white and blue, bring lots of American flags and signs/banners supporting the rights of the 1/6 political prisoners. That's all.

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Two cents happily accepted. I like good debate.

Matt actually addressed this in his video last night. He said a lot of the alt media and influencers have his phone number, his email, and they did not reach out to him at all. No calls, no texts, no nothing. He was busy organizing/planning and dealing with media. He can't send a personal email or text to every influencer. That's what a press release is for.

So it seems like all those people heard "it" from someone/somewhere else and just ran with and spread the false narrative without verifying anything.

I don't know, man. At this point it just needs to be used as a cautionary tale and an example of why we all, as individuals and as a movement, need to remember to investigate and educate instead of blindly believing headlines and narratives.

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Yes! Always cut the sides of my mouth too. Maybe it's on purpose so kids won't eat too many? hahaa

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It was exhausting, wasn't it? But at least we tried.

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Yeah. It's a twisted loop that goes round and round.

I didn't get the feeling that the people doing the actual posts were paid opo, just that they had gotten sucked into it by not investigating on their own. Then the paid opo piled in to the comments to give it validity. I could be very wrong tho.

And yeah... there are so many comments I never even reply to cause I know it's just walking into the "I never said I'm giving up you know which box we are on it's time!" trap.

20+ years on the net and some things never change...

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I think you are right. An organized effort to push us down so we don't ever gather again to let our voices be heard. And yes, everyone who wants to protest or rally or whatever needs to be careful because nefarious people will always try to engage in shenanigans to make MAGA look bad. But to just say no one can ever peacefully march or rally or have a sit in if they want, just because someone might cause trouble? That's demoralizing, for sure.

Oh don't get me started on the Trump headline. When I wasn't posting facts about Matt's rally I was posting the actual Trump quotes and the article link to counter THAT fake narrative.

I like truth.

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First, I apologize if it came off as "shitting" on them/you for not knowing. I still feel raw over it. It wasn't just "not knowing" it was that nobody seemed to be even questioning what they were being told. No one was researching on their own.

And when some of us were trying to post the true facts, we got called shills or whatever. Someone would say FEDS ORGANIZED IT and we would post Matt's site and list his credentials. Person says "yeah, but feds are still gonna infiltrate therefore it's a trap" and I say "feds will ALWAYS try to infiltrate and cause trouble to make MAGA look bad" and person comes back with "Yeah, well it's the same thing." NO IT'S NOT. Huge difference between a legit rally organized by an upstanding dude that everyone should be careful at if attending versus a glow rally organized by glowies specifically as a trap.

We did try to inform. I post a lot. Grab a beer or a tea and go through my posts. Between IT'S A GLOWIE RALLY DON'T GO and TRUMP SAID ITS A TRAP DON'T GO posts, I informed a lot. My shoulder is still sore.

Like I said, I bet 50% was paid lefties. But some of them were actual people on our side who got swept up in it and believed stuff, without question, that simply was not true. Trust But Verify is good advice.

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There has been much conversation about on the ground canvassing versus your "digital" canvass method. On the ground takes much time and many volunteers while your electronic method is much faster.

A. Do you see any way that the two could be combined so both advocates would be happier with the results. Like how to identify specific areas from your digital canvass approach that could then be targeted with on the ground in person canvassing as back up.

B. Have any states/counties/voter groups been in touch with you to learn the optimum methods to do their own digital/electronic canvasses?

p.s. I watched the live stream of the 9/18 rally and your speeches, especially the wrap up speech, were awesome. Thank you.

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I heard about it in ProfessorOak's daily audit threads months ago when he first announced it and Matt was on Warroom a couple of times talking about it in the months leading up to it. So I knew. People who pay attention knew.

Just because you and others didn't know about it until the MSM fed you the line that it was "organized by the feds as a trap" never meant you were right.

It was a disgrace what some people here, and those in alternate media, said about the Sep 18th rally, telling people not to go because "glowies" organized it. Nobody bothered to look into it past reading fake headlines and when anyone here tried to correct the information in those posts, we were called glowies and cucks. Such a shame. Dragging his name through the mud by association and misinformation. Awful. Paid lefties doing it are gone. The rest of you who got caught up in it, I hope you reflect on the Fake News that was spread here.

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Me too :D

Babylon Bee coming up with fab ideas. Somebody get this to the based restaurants!

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