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This train has NO brakes

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Good news that at least you will get some sort of pay, even if less than normal... still something.

Oh the sleep thing. The night before I was full sick was a horrid tossing turning awake every hour thing. A few more nights like that sprinkled here and there. But mostly, once I was down, I was all zzzzzz's. And accidental naps on the couch, all day until it was time to go to sleep for the night hahaa! I was like damn, imma get bedsores from all this laying down stuff...

Stay hydrated Fren and I sincerely hope you got the short version.

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Amen. I heart Scott Pressler.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

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Congratulations on joining the natural immunity club!

I can't speak to the forced unpaid vacation (hope you can get that worked out) but as a fellow pureblood who is recovered(ish) I will give a few tips on what you are facing. If it was coof. I did not test so maybe it was an old fashioned head cold, who knows.

Many like to say they got over it in just 3-4 days. Some of those did horse paste, some did not. Some did zinc. I had nothing but multi vitamins, extra vitamin C and D (Tang and milk... ewww no, not together lol) ibuprofin and chicken soup.

I am currently on day 16 and still have a bit of the lingering cough but it is SO much better today, knock on wood.

I had sneezing, runny nose, deep chest cough brought on by throat tickle (by far the rudest thing - so exhausting and at one point my ribs actually hurt) fatigue, slept/napped ALL the time, body aches, headache, eyes ached. Dizzy feeling, fuzz brain, lack of appetite. May or may not have had low grade fever... but the thermometer was way over there so what did it matter at that point. And the Bounce... Feel better after 3 days, think I was over it, wake up the next morning sick as a dog again, start over. It was the chest + head cold that never ends. It just goes on and on my friends...

But today IS better, so yes, eventually it does end. Hopefully you can be one of those 3-4 day mild cases. But in case you aren't, just wanted you to know that some of us get the longer version. Oh, and I did not suffer taste/smell issues this time.

Good luck, be well soon. :)

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you organphobic heartist


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Like others have said, the far left love control and they really hate being ignored. Because they cannot control a conversation that doesn't happen.

So I would suggest either ignore her and text nothing back.


Text back something totally unrelated. "We might get hit by this upcoming storm but I'm not sure if we will get that much snow. Thanks for thinking of me!"

Now she's fuming cause she knows you got the text and either it did not go through correctly or you are refusing to take the bait. If she comes back with I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT SNOW I SENT YOU A LINK TO COOF TESTS then you can simply text back

"I know"

Then sit back and smile.


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They always leave out that one important word though... illegal

Melania was and always will be the prettiest and most classy First Ladies of all time. Happy Melania Monday, Mrs. Trump.

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This is how the left fights. Sue everybody into oblivion, and punish people who want to uncover the truth.

Like a playbook straight out of Scientology...

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Aww thanks. No worries, I was stocked. Always have Tang and some cans of chicken noodle soup and a box of crackers on hand, just in case. I had a few wants - like a brief desire for rainbow sherbet - but when it came to needs, I was covered. I'm sure I could have ventured out... but was lucky to be able to say eff it, gonna nap some more instead.

All good advice you gave, thank you so much. And the mind over matter thing? When I was first reporting this thing here, I wrote how the night before I woke up full sick, my throat began to hurt, a lot. Whimpers when I swallowed kind of hurt. So as I fell asleep, I put my hand on my throat and said Be Gone! I will not suffer you, give me all the nose sniffles and coughs you want but I will not have a sore throat, no. So when I woke up, sore throat was totally gone. Coughing like a banshee, nose running like a faucet, but I could swallow without pain. Be careful what you wish for. :D But yeah, the mind is a powerful thing. I believe in it 100%.

Today was a good day. Not full on done but I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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You're gonna need bigger t-shirts

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This crazy corner of the interwebs is where I come for sanity in a world gone mad. I love my pedes. God Bless America!

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Came here to say that.

Chipotle plant chorizo. KFC plant based chicken. I saw an advertisement for some new online food place "The Tattoo Chef" or something like that, with all plant based meat. All of these are starting to fly fast and furious...

It's not plant based "meat". It's plant based "meat substitute". And if one is truly a vegetarian, why the heck would one want to eat a fake version of something they swore off eating? I don't want to eat brussel sprouts so I'm certainly not searching for meat based brussel sprouts.

And now, if any of our meme farmers peek in here, I think we need our own product advertisement.

"Beyond Cannibal" a plant based human flesh substitute. Formed in the shapes of human fingers and ears, perhaps an eyeball or two. For vegetarians, for humanitarian cannibals, for everyone.

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Those are great tips for the tickle, thank you. I haven't been out at all to get anything other than what I had on hand... that weak/dizzy feeling. The last thing I want is to suddenly faint in a store and accidently end up in a hospital against my will! When I do venture out maybe I will pin a note inside my coat, like a 5 year old, that says NO HOSPITAL NO INCUBATION OR I WILL SUE YOU. :D

The temperature shift makes sense - it's always worse in the evening. Today was a pretty good day, coughing spells were shorter and more productive so maybe, just maybe, it's coming to the end. Knock on wood. Thank you Fren.

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Excellent cheat sheet, thank you.

I didn't have anything extra prior to catching this. Maybe others reading will benefit from your plan. I feel blessed that I can fight this off as any common cold that likes to punch you in the head as a bonus. I think the worst thing for me is the lingering...

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. :D

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I don't know. The report was literally "anonymous street artist in DC"

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Right? I was just typing on another post about the bouncing. Like 3 days in I thought I was done and then BOOM it came back and smacked me in the head. I sleep as much as a cat right now.

The cough is exhausting, isn't it? Yes, it will end eventually but right now when I get a little tickle and know it's about to start up again, I sorta whimper cry cause it's been 2 weeks. And I'm a girl so I am allowed to whimper cry. :D

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Don't be surprised if you get the Bounce factor. I've been sick for almost 2 weeks and after a few days I will feel like I am done then wake up the next morning all exhaustingly ill again. Talked to some friends who also have it (confirmed via tests, me I'm just guessing it's what I have) and they have been bouncing better and sick again for weeks also. No ivermectin or zinc here, I've had to treat this like a typical old school cold.

The fatigue is real and it sounds like your son got the fuzzy brain, which is also real. I did smile a little at " I don’t even know what distraught means" :D

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Well, maybe for some it does not go deep in the lungs, but it has for me. If coof is what I have. No testing so maybe I just have a good old fashioned pre-2020 chest cold. Tickle throat leads to massive coughing fits which are productive, eventually, coughing up phlegm.

Almost 2 weeks now and my ribs hurt from all the coughing.

Pureblood here. Do smoke, but hey, that was practically medicine for the first version of this crap 2 years ago so I couldn't quit! ;>

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I'm always glad to hear of the people who got over it quick.

Pureblood here, no horse paste or mega doses of any particular vitamins at my disposable. I've just got general multi-vitamins, Tang and milk (C and D) along with chicken noodle soup and lots of rest to battle this the old fashioned way. Most of the nasal congestion and headache/body ache is gone but the lack of appetite, serious fatigue and the tickle cough just will not go away. I am currently on Day 13 I think.

This is the cold that never ends. It just goes on and on my friend...

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