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Anna really is a hateful dipshit. Kari Lake tweeted a broken clock and Ana immediately attacked her.

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Now the dots connect even more as to why a Ronnie D sycophant was leading the charge to get rid of James. DeceptiRon was counting on the indictment of PDJT to pave the way for himself.,

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Wrong LIAR! Not only did Ken Griffin's puppet boi shut down the beaches, he also happily extended the shutdowns multiple times.


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Peace means no more money laundering.

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You're a lying DeSimper troll. GTFO and go suck on Ronnie on your own site!

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Fuck outta her DeSimper goon! This is a PRO-TRUMP SITE. Go slobber over puppet boi somewhere else!

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America is on the brink of going over the cliff but they don't like his rhetoric is why we're going over the cliff.

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He couldn't fire Fauci ASSWIPE! Fauci is protected by the Civil Servant Act.

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Then GET THE FUCK OFF OF THIS SITE and go suck on Ken Griffin's puppet boi somewhere else!

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Shut up DeSimper! Ronnie D not only closed the beaches but happily extended closures and lockdowns multiple times.,


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14th Amendment equal protection under the law unless white I guess.

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Didn't China send out thousands of tourists infected with covid into Western countries such as Italy early on?

What if these people are the latest bioweapons from China spreading into America? Are there Chinse migrants showing up in any other nations?

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Shitstain puppet boi knows as a former congress critter that a civil servant at Fauci's level can't be fired, he is protected by the Civil Servant Act. Take your bullshit DeSimping somewhere else.

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Actually he's American born but family moved to Australia at an early age. Peekskill, NY. Moved to Australia at age 12.


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No he can't. Puppet boi set himself on fire. He showed his ass to the world that he will not vigorously fight for the Constitution, fight for Americans against tyrannical persecution.

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Anaconda and I were right about Pence when he was still Race Bannon around here. I took a lot of crap calling out DeSantis not long ago.

No I'm not Anaconda. Been here for awhile.

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