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I they're referring to the Harvard study that showed only 1%-10% of adverse reactions are reported to VAERS.

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That is a .33% to .39% chance of an adverse reaction.

Also .03% of hospitalization.

Totally safe and effective...

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Exposure to high concentrations of nitrosamines is associated with increased mortality from cancers of the oesophagus, oral cavity, and pharynx, but not with increased mortality from cancers of the stomach or lung.


Of particular interest is the nitrosamine N-nitrosodimethylamine (DMN). This semi-volatile organic compound is highly toxic and is a suspected human carcinogen. At higher doses, it has been shown to be a hepatotoxin that causes liver fibrosis and cancer in several animal species.


In summary, this meta-analysis suggested that dietary nitrates intake was associated with a reduced risk of gastric cancer, and high consumption of nitrites and NDMA could increase the risk.


It looks like basically any cancer....

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It took 15 years for them to catch it with Chantix.

15 years for Pfizer's Zantac to be recalled...

So that means, I should wait approximately 15 years for Comirnaty to make sure it's safe, right?

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Ex -CNA here... I guarantee this happens in EVERY nursing facility! Years ago I left the facility lifestyle and chose to do home-care instead. After I left, I reported the facilities I worked at because it's disgusting.

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They're hospitalized for other incidents.

I.e. You have appendicitis (and are unvaxx'd) and go to the hospital. They test you; you come up positive. You're now a hospitalized Covid patient, even though you're there for appendicitis and nothing to do with Covid.

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Did those schools mandate the vaxx? I remember a bit ago a few SD having trouble with bussing b/c of the mandates, but I can't remember if Massachusetts was one of them?

I found that MA teachers union backed the mandates, but can't find what schools implemented it.


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  • Stop paying taxes to these ass holes. Pay 40+ employees under the table.

  • Give half the company to the best employees, family, dog, ect.

  • 1099 contractors is t a bad idea.

  • Ride it out and see this administration in court.

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Someone keeps smacking my husband's ass at work. This is total sexual harassment.

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Friend A is looking for a new job currently. She's not planning on quitting, unless she has a new job. She is willing to be fired if she can't find a back up plan.

Friend B isn't a RN, but in a specialized area and is looking for a new job- but it doesn't look promising. She will likely submit. I understand her concerns and unwillingness to fight. I keep sharing stories on how she's not alone. She's hoping for a deferment b/c breastfeeding, but it's unlikely she'll get it.

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I can confirm. ² healthcare friends that are facing mandates... Proof of vaccination is due by October 31st.

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They did. When employers mandated the vaxx they had to report injuries. Then all of the sudden over the summer, they said NVM that's unnecessary... Now they're the ones who are okay with enforcing the thousands of dollars fines if your employees are not vaxx.

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I truly wonder how many would have gotten it if the Dems didn't steal the election. I'm sure there's be no talks of mandates...

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Sure sounds like SPARS 2025


When the vaccine turns out to be deadly, they start blaming politicians for rushing through the trials...

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It'll start in the cities, but spread like wildfire. Or we'll end up in conflict. Neither option is looking good.

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More demands to come... I give it no more than 6 months until blue states are like Australia.

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You have 75 days to find a new job and plan for the worst. In the mean time, keep your head down at work.

I will not give in! This is the hill I die on. We've prepared as much as possible, but wish I would/could have prepared more. But I'm prepared to lose everything to pass freedoms down to our children. We can not let this tyranny continue.

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Does this include the CDC employees? And USPS who already said they won't enforce it? Will it trickle down to election workers, school board members, Mayors, etc.?

They're trying to destroy our country!

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I've been home for 4 years with the kids. I've never been so broken down by "feminists" as I was when we made that decision.

My femi-nazi mother always said "go to school", sorry I'm busy teaching my children. I'd love to learn more, but that has to go on the back burner while my children need me.

These people want you to be "independent & strong". You can achieve that more successfully with someone emotionally & physically supporting you. You shouldn't WANT to do it on your own.

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