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I bet he loves when big mike pegs him and hits the back of his teeth.

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Destroying a perfectly good set of boobs is like slapping God in the face. These butchers should be in prison.

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Guess what glows red now.

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Many years ago I moved into my first apartment. It was in a shit neighborhood like most first apartments. There was a tranny hooker that worked out by the gas station on the corner. Everybody saw him every day as we drove into the complex. Then the local junior high boys took to chasing him around on their bikes with rolls of pennies. They'd pop out a penny and throw it at the troon and shout "faggot-whore". Apparently it made a pass at one of the boys when they got off the school bus and this was their response. Fucking kids were based.

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Wrong catch phrase, wrong apprentice host. "Terminate" is that Austrian weirdo that fucked his goblin house keeper.

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Considering Julia's degree was in gender studies I would say you are more qualified to teach.

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Ah, I should've clarified. When I'm talking about potential terrorist actions I'm implying participation of federal agencies. Off the top of my head, let's say a border state declared an emergency due to the illegal immigrant crises and started getting serious about border security at the state level. Then some glowing fedbois poison a water supply and claim it's retaliation for a racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti trans border policy that was sloppily enforced by governor whats-his-name. Now we need a new law forbidding states to act on border security because daddy fed knows best.

That was off the top of my head. If they would use fast and furious to arm cartels in the hopes of creating anti gun sentiment, is something like this REALLY that far fetched?

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There are no fat revolutionaries. People won't risk it all until they, and they're children are hungry.

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Oh, I'm googling that. What is it with lefty's and rape?

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