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I watched alot if his speech and I don't think he said that vax is good get your shot this time.

So maybe doomers were right to doom

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I'll take that boys scalp na mean

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Went out on a limb and told my normie Co workers about it. They were interested and looked into and when they realized Project V was considered right wing they were like nope this is fake.

Maybe maybe not who ever knows for sure but this felt like Yuri Bezmenov saying you can show someone true information and they will reject it

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I won't participate in this global experiment.

They have never been tested so there is no way of knowing if they have any long term negative effects. What we do know is enough for me to hard pass.

Fuck you and your useful idiot labrats

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Also beware the man with enough guns to arm his friends and family, hell he will give some neighbors a gun when shit goes down

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And yet they are also the problem

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I wouldn't be suprised if the doctors gave him a fake shot so he would think it's safe.

Who knows

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They think the unvaxxed is why the virus has not been defeated and is now mutating into new strands

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They want all Republicans to speak as George Bush would and that is all Lyin Ted was attempting to do.

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If satan can be called a dictator then I guess it's possible

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