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Yeah but he didn't jump on his desk, take shit and put a "Stolen Election" flag in it on live TV. Means he's not committed. It's so clear that he knew he would be flying solo in the near future and signaled plenty for the viewer to deduce that he was largely MAGA.

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Schizotism is the preferred terminology.

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They would just call it an Elon Musk A.I. deep fake that was boosted by MAGA extremists and their vile Russian allies.

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It's been that way under every administration for 30 years at least.

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Son of a bitch probably got a promotion because Clown World.

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I hope I have a few days off in a row at some point during the apocalypse.

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Or maybe it can. I just don't know anymore.

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It's a good idea to have several months of freeze dried food on hand and the water needed to rehydrate and cook it. Then hopefully you'll have time for your crop to come in and supplement before you run out of preps.

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I had a friend in elementary school and the exact same thing happened to him. Was ridiculous.

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Does anyone else ever have the thought that Epstien's genetic material is in the Jabs and that was his ultimate path to "seed the human race" with his DNA? He was obsessed with the idea and shots are basically the perfect vehicle for it.

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They are unstoppable twerk machines. It's all they know.

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Depends on application. For me the cheeseburger really benefits from the crunchy consistency of a layer of crispy bacon. But if it's bacon strips on a breakfast plate then chewy.

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And she is literally the ONLY person calling bullshit on the election 24/7. She does not stop no matter who is asking or listening. And she's extremely articulate. Arizona conservatives seem to hate her though so that's concerning.

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I mean still...a few dudes with rifles seems like a bargain to secure even just the vessel.

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I think they mostly want kill the people that are different than themselves, kinda their thing.

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