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That's fine, he can call that dude a black supremacist from anywhere.

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They can't check. In order to differentiate variants of any virus you'd have to run a genomic sequencing test on it, which can take weeks. I sure as shit guarantee they aren't running sequences in Africa or anywhere.

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If the backpack doesn't fit, you must acquit eating so many donuts.

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There might have been some collision with certain companies, but the ones I know weren't.

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Freezers were basically being auctioned off as they came off the assembly lines in Asia just like ventilators were. Companies were sending proxies over to China with cash and they stand there and live bid on them as they're being rolled out. When this all first started vents that were worth like 3-5k were going for 60-120k to the highest bidders. Shit was nuts, especially since they were killing people.

But anyways there was a huge panic for the -86C freezers and then the other companies came out with vax that didn't need to be that cold and the panic kind of subsided.

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Not to say that what he's hinting at is true, but if they did plan this all out years in advance shelf life doesn't matter. Assuming they developed some chemical to hurt people that isn't a vaccine at all. Some vaccines are powdered and don't need to be refrigerated at all and last way longer, you just add water to them. That's why they ship Sputnik and Sputnik light to Africa and the Caribbean.

Also mRNA is in every cell, so I assume you mean mRNA vaccines.

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Jacob has 17 mental illnesses. This week.

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Watch Angels & Demons, they go over the whole dumb process. All of the Dan brown movies are pretty fun to watch just for the sightseeing of all the historical monuments and such in Europe.

Much better as books, but the movies are quick and easy.

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And sputnik and sputnik light come in powdered form, you just add water and shoot it up!

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People keep posting that this dude WAS out on bail and then list his crime after. He isn't out on bail for $1k for what he just did.

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Exactly, no license means you can't drive just like a gun-free zone.

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It's too true. I worked there during college as a Bartender. They make you go through "traditions" which is an 8 hour class on the history of Disney and how magical it all is.

This one lady started crying tells us how it's been her dream to work at Disney her whole life, she was working basically fast food in one of the parks making $11. Just choked up and couldn't even get the story out and she was like 50. I'm sure single and has 12 cats.

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Oh fuck I have it right now!!! It's calling from inside the house!!!

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Ya I was so confused lol.

I'm sitting here like... MaiTai pineapple... zombie pineapple... Hurricane pineapple... I give up.

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Trouble is if they find him guilty, that will make throwing it out WAY worse.

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I had to look it up on Snopes just the laughs.

It takes them 4 pages to finally say,

"The viral claims alleging unlawful behavior by Huber, Rosenbaum, and Grosskreutz before the Kenosha shooting were a mixture of truth and falsehoods.

For example, yes, at age 19, Rosenbaum was sentenced to prison for sexually abusing five children — all boys between the ages of 9 and 11 — in Arizona’s Pima County in early 2002, according to his case file obtained via a public records request by Snopes."

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I sent my local "conservative gun store" that sells BRC an email calling out BRC and saying they were cucks etc. That was like 3 weeks ago, no response lol.

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