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Where are the bodies, Garth?

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Bill Mitchell is a faggot!!! I’m doing my part.

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He even sits like a fag

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Lol. Like those communists would have allowed the Bible in schools regardless.

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That explains why he hasn’t been arrested for insurrection yet

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How dare you speak ill of the PsOTUS. Lump is an American classic

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That’s where i was two months ago. Now I think he’s a traitorous cocksucker. You’ll come around

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I hate them, too. It’s part of the reason I don’t care as much about the trans issue as others. If a bunch of mentally ill communists wants to sterilize themselves, I’m all for it. The only reason I care at all is because they start to push that shit on other people’s kids.

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Jesus, just go find yourself a glory hole and get it over with already, buddy. Gtfo here with your repressed homo fire and brimstone shit. Nobody here supports the fag shit. But you’re a fag, too.

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It’s funny because it’s about as close as you can get to a ‘man bites dog’ story in real life and of course it ended up being fake.

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It’s not moral relativism to be able to distinguish between sin and evil. Only retards are unable to do that. This is like saying you shouldn’t wear a shirt that says God on it if you are an alcoholic, or if you’ve ever had sex out of wedlock.

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There is a huge difference between someone being sinful, and someone forcing others to sin for the sake of sinfulness - which is deliberate evil. There’s about as big a difference between these two pictures as there is between having a child out of wedlock, and raping an entire village full of disabled children. You’re a bigger faggot than Scott Pressler for suggesting otherwise.

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Bill Mitchell is a giant faggot

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That’s when Eminem became a faggot

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We should have never denormalized calling people faggots

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I don’t think “they’re going to cheat if we nominate this guy” is a good argument against voting for anyone.

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