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Eh. They always say that black peopleare coming on, but they almost never do.

Yep by Vsid
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I said this in another comment, but I remember a time when conservatives were in favor of canceling some of these debts because of predatory practices of universities and from people giving these loans.

I still think this is bullshit. But there was a time when conservatives were in favor of this. Some of them anyway.

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Kiwi Farms is being set up. It’s a place where open hostility against trannies is accepted and fairly common. There are people there who are in favor of trannies, but it’s a free speech site that LIBERALS HATE.

There were a number of leftists recently swatted and they blamed Kiwi Farms with little evidence to prove it. A bunch of leftists have been bitching about Kiwi Farms and trying to get it shut down and all of a sudden somebody freely admits that he is a swatter from Kiwi Farms?

Look into the story of Patrick S Tomlinson, a failed author and a huge douchebag liberal who was swatted, according to him, although he has faked similar events before, allegedly. He claims he was swatted by someone from kiwi farms.

His entry in Kiwi farms is almost 1500 pages long with his raging idiocy and lies and made up stories. He is a LOL cow without peer.

Him and a lot of his friends on the left have been trying to shut down Kiwi Farms for quite some time.

And then this happens and the guy conveniently admits he’s from Kiwi Farms?

It’s a place that is politically diverse, there are lefties, there are righties, but they all believe in free speech. Of course liberals want to shut it down.

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Yeah that pisses me off too. But I know a lot of Bernie supporters who absolutely believe the election was stolen from Trump because they know 2016 was stolen from Bernie. Look I hate Bernie Sanders’ politics. Hate them.

But if that’s the guy that the Democrats wanted to run, he should’ve won. If that’s who they truly backed, he should’ve run.

The primary being stolen from him is just as bad as the election stolen from Trump. The American people should be able to decide for themselves. Even if I disagree with their choice.

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26 ballots and we don’t even know if they were undelivered to Trump or Biden voters.

If it’s Baltimore, aren’t the odds higher that they were Biden voters that didn’t get their ballots?

Don’t get me wrong, either way it is still wrong. But I’m not sure this is as big deal as some people are making it out to be. The post office sucks and we all know it.

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OK, but wasn’t the president ultimately the guy in charge of the vice president? I mean you can’t blame the vice president without holding the president accountable.

Just two days ago most people here would’ve agreed that operation warp speed was a disaster and wrong. Now that he’s actually being accused, everyone’s pardoning his involvement. I hate intellectual dishonesty. From their side, and, more so, from our side. We are supposed to be the ones that are consistent and tell the truth.

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I don’t know, can we be a little more respectful of her?

It’s like the way people talk about Trump’s wife. Melania is his wife. Do we need to talk about boners and cumming with Donald’s wife?

He’s not my favorite guy on the planet, but I like him, mostly, and I think his family should be respected. I also think Lake should be respected.

Maybe I’m just being a gay faggot, but it seems like we should be more respectful of the women we admire.

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It’s funny, I remember a time when Republicans were in favor of canceling debt because of predatory loan practices from banks affiliated with liberals and liberal ideals.

But I think the main point here is the liberals will never be happy. With whatever you offer them. That’s why you don’t compromise with them.

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BaCk TeH bLuE!!!!

It seems they did the right thing in the end, though. Unless I’m reading this wrong.

Didn’t they end up letting her off without a fine? I’m tired and having trouble reading. Maybe I should just go to bed.

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So glad Trump worked so hard on the black community. Trying to get them to vote for him. Going easy on the BLM riots because of optics. Thank God. Heaven forbid he stuck up for white people.

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Yeah, Bannon is usually a good barometer for what’s going to happen. Meaning that whatever he says, you can expect the opposite.

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You’re getting killed here, but natural news is complete garbage. They have lied to us repeatedly. They have made up stories whole cloth and passed them off as real. Natural news is complete Qtard bullshit , even if this story is legit, and I think it is. Sometimes they are right, I’ll give them that, sometimes they do some good reporting, but for the most part they are proven liars.

The guy who runs it is a known grifter. He’s a liar and a con man.

He is a favorite of Qtards for a reason.

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Remember, it’s a super deadly virus when it’s blamed on Fauci and Teh DeEp StATe.

But it’s just a common cold when that scenario fits the narrative.

Ahh, yes, the Right:

Just as shitty and dishonest and self-contradicting as the left since at least 2016.

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