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Dude, this graph is so much worse than that on so many levels. It extrapolates so much. For one, the x-axis is not consistent, the end draws data out MORE than data in, the start and finish of the y-axis are chosen to give a 'plummet' effect even though the overall known data represents a 3-4% decline over 70 years.

But, based on the reactions, the premise of the article is more than likely true. People are more and more retarded.

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The catholic church today is nothing like the catholic church of old. The catholic church of 1500 is nothing like the Catholic church today.

The original scriptures are accredited to and translated into Latin by St. Jerome, someone viewed as a saint by the catholic and orthodox churches. This is important because these two churches split during the Great Schism in around 1000. Yet both claim him.

Also, by the time of the split, the Vatanicus and Sinaticus codexes were already around for several centuries.

All early history attributed to the Catholic church BY the Catholic church is simply stolen from the events of the time. The Catholic church holds no more rights to that history as any Christian church would.

The Bible does not belong to the Catholic Church. It's the God's Word, not a luck of the draw by mankind. And the old testament was around during the time of Christ, so at best you're arguing mostly against Peter and Paul's letters.

Edit: No fan of the Catholic Church, but calling out the Bible is not cool. It's all good, not just the gospels. And the Catholic Church, if it "picked the books", sure does a shit job of following them.

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I'd like to add some fag bashing if possible. I need to expand my hate speech.

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You could have an army, the problem is execution. Communication would be almost impossible, movement would be almost impossible, organization at a large scale would be almost impossible. Our 'modern' capabilities as civilians are very limited once shtf. Government has made sure of that.

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They won't assassinate him. That would (not in the 'grr hateses the gubment!' way) start a war. It may not be armies, but people would shoot federal agents at their door, they'd guerilla terrorism etc. And they know this.

They'll try to destroy him financially, by attacking his family, or try to dig up some law to keep him from running but I doubt they are even dumb enough to assassinate him.

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I hate this place sometimes. I'd say "Wow , you didn't read my comment at all!" but what's the point right?! Cause you didn't read it in the first place! Pearls/swine. Good luck with your reading.

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You do when you idolize it apart from Christ and vilify someone who represents it in a non-standard, non-blasphemous fashion. Or make a claim that said representation will "see you in hell" as if a drawing of the cross could create an unforgivable sin. That's idolatry 101. It's not just golden dudes on a pedestal that you bow to.

The artist here was not demeaning Christ. It's just an odd picture. If the intent was to blaspheme God, then the picture was sinful. If the intent was to draw the cross in an odd stylized way, there's nothing wrong with that. I would caution on the imagery of nature worship however. But, if you don't believe in Christ, do whatever you want, think whatever you want.

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The cross is two slabs of wood jammed together in the middle. The work on the cross cannot be undone by a cartoon drawing and God is more powerful and merciful than said cartoon.

Don't worship the cross, worship Christ. That being said, the imagery on right is commonly associated with worshipping 'nature'. Same sin as worshipping the cross. Food for thought.

And have a wonderful day!

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Wow. Miss the point by a mile. They could put a $60,000 fine on water too. Doesn't change that the premise is wrong.

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I'm hoping you're joking... Or new. But it's not about "need". Nobody needs variety in their diet, multiple different outfits, a house bigger than 950 Sq/ft. Heck, no one needs freedom. Not the point at all.

Also, dehumidifiers are super energy inefficient. You almost at AC if you're running a dehumidifier constantly.

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Literally the exact reason I got my MBA.

10 years of experience in the field - "You're no expert!!!!"

2 years of 'networking' and memorizing lists about "the 5 steps of a good management plan" - "TaKe My MoNeY mR. sMaRt PeRsOn!!!!"

People are retards.

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No question, "Dr." has lost all validity to me. Dr's sold their souls to insurance companies so they could rape patients 10 min at a time dishing out $5 sinus and BP medication for $200 while billing $500/hr. All so insurance companies could 'negotiate' that down to $10 medications and $200/hr for the low low cost of 15k a year to the family man, incredible inconvenience and zero choices. "Prescription" medication is the worst thing in the world for the health care system.... Damn I'm getting off on a tangent.

Dentists did the same thing and now vets want on the train of fucking people over as well. Screw the cash buyer so you can suck the teat of insurance companies.

As to the MBA, as I told my father, the best thing I got from business school was the knowledge that if my peers were my competition, I have don't have to worry.

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Holy shit.... Dems had the house for 50 years. No wonder there's so much shit broken.

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Yeah, flipping someone (possibly your friend), the bird is definitely worth getting killed for. Gotta punish those hate crimes ay Comrade?

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I see your comment and raise you "Let's try 15 years without their spending AND oversight and see where we end up."

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