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If you don't do what they tell you, it's terrible for not just you but everyone you care for. The eyes and ears on your devises have been on for quite some time and I would imagine it's pretty easy to expose anyone for their sins plus the threat o random death. On the other hand, if they obey and stay quiet they get abundance and protection. It's the ultimate insurance.

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I would argue that was perfect. He got the point out and left you wanting more. That how it's done people.

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Yeah whenever I get into it with a liberal I always tell them I literally live on the same planet and don't want to destroy it with war, pollution, fire, disaster and I also don't want to control anyone. I want what's in the constitution and the laws to be applied equally to all. I just want what's fair for everyone. Equality under the law and government designed solely to protect the individual rights of it's citizens. With a level field we all get a fair shot to go have some fun.

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Tear those stupid things up and live within your means. Not having enough money is called MOTIVATION.

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Get a slightly used BMW 3 series (G20 330i) with the Xdrive. All wheel drive based on a rear wheel drive system. More of a driver's car and looks better. Tons of fun software to make the car more fun and go faster.

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This is the way to federalize the police. Make local police fail and usher in a centralized national police.

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My wife and I bought a used Truck yesterday and all the people there we talked to had said that due to this strike, car prices are going to go up just like COVID. Multiple dealerships said this same verbiage. This was one of the negotiating tactics they leveraged which didn’t work on us but I found the pattern interesting serving two ideas. 1 car prices were about to slam to the floor and this keeps transportation expensive and hard to afford. 2 the dealers want high prices to make more money and have lots full of cars. Without a strike the car market is flush with inventory and buyers are starting to dwindle down. Death spiral for new and used cars was just starting. It’s almost as if this was coordinated.

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Or did a Tesla catch on fire in the parking lot?

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Christians don't believe we can do whatever and still get in. We imitate Jesus as best we can. We believe man was not made for earth and simply want to return to the place we belong. If we trash the place we are now we are not acting as Jesus and could not be believers. Read the gospels. Matthew Mark Luke and John. The strange thing with what you said is Christians think the godless go by YOLO or end's justify the means. You're stating it's the other way around. Makes no sense.

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C.S. Lewis dis this for me in regards to creation and Jesus. Now I cannot unsee it. It's so obvious we are a creation and not Randomness + Time = Life. DNA alone is enough for me. DNA has the information for all of our cells and also the information to recreate itself. How could that randomly happen? Somehow randomness made a very complex code? Yeah right.

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Young gen X’r. Sorry you’re poor and don’t understand how to make money yet. Someday.

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Oh come on.... I have 2 friends with that last name that aren't related and live in the same town. This is a stretch.

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I agree. I think the 11 million was his checking account balance... On another note this post is really interesting to see some of the comments. People think this guy should have the retirement piggy bank smaller than a union pipefitter. I would feel like a failure if all I ended with was 11 million with his credentials and history.

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I do. Quite a few in fact. It doesn't take much when you own a business, invest, buy and sell property etc. You must be young, dumb or both. It's OK. If you're past 35 saying this I'm sorry "bro". If Fauci only has 11 million net worth he has pissed away A LOT of money. He has made over 400k/year just from his government salary not to mention he also owns a very lucrative assets in the medical arena. The guy should be worth more like 50 million or even more. This shows he's dumb too.

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A lot of women seem to run on fear. Fear is an easy emotion to manipulate. I have found that instead of listening to my wife when she is afraid of something, I plow through it with no fear. We cannot be held back by fear which is woman's and all of human's greatest weakness. All those girls are afraid of what Charlie represents. A man that doesn't fear things. We do not fear this fake global warming. We do not fear prejudice nor do we fear the truth. A man really is born a man and a woman a woman with all the correct parts. These people on the other hand fear losing so bad they will perpetuate the most basic of lies. When times get tough reality will hit, real fear will kick in and for good reason. At the end of the day, they all know they are defenseless to real power. A mean man, not a nice man like Charlie, would straighten these girls out in about 10 seconds. He would use fear as well.

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No she was made from Adam however easily influenced by Satan.

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For a man of his success and age I would expect this number to be much higher. I know roofers who are worth more.

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From what we understand about radiation, only ionizing radiation has the ability to change the makeup of DNA (mutation/cancer) prior to replication. 5G is non ionizing radiation so it cannot physically damage cells via mutation or cancer. If you had a pair of glasses that allowed you to see the electromagnetic spectrum beyond just visible light you'd be blinded with all the radiation bombarding you from space.

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My wife said it was fake after reading the account of the main accuser. It was a collectivist statement and not pointed at the individual. Obviously an activist rather than an actual account. The press needs to do their damn job. Oh, where are my J6 tapes and where are the lockups of Epstein's clients?

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It's just a matter of time before some sort of art resembling a shaft interacts with the center of the piece. It would bring the piece together for many in the art world.

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Fucking bullshit. A bazzzzillllion $$$$$ plane and some fucking debris field is the best we get?? I get better info from my DJI drone. These people can go fuck themselves.

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