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biden is taking responsibility for the "harm and mistreatment" to the haitians and nothing else. He is not taking responsibility for the shitshow at the border other than depriving the border agents of their best tools. Fuck joe biden.

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As i understand it the audit process has given us numbers and results that show something went very wrong, to a degree they may have certified the wrong candidate. Has the audit shown which candidate benefited and by how many votes with regards each of the discovered discrepancies? Were the split between the candidates or were they 95% to biden?

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If you are going to try I'd suggest videos that play on emotions rather than facts. That's all they understand. Generally nothing really persuasive can be conveyed in minutes. Maybe something like this:


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Too often we find ourselves "not at war" with others and fail to realise they are at war with us. The government is at war with us, so is big tech, big pharma, big finance, muslims, communists, leftists,.....

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Good. I hope Canadians don't accept the results and get madder, noisier and less compliant. If turdeau was ousted they might think that was all that was required. Keep fighting.

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Watch interrogators getting red-pilled. Demand the interrogators proof of vaxx immediately.

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Looks like this is leading to vaxxed patients in vaxx mandatory hospitals. Imagine that scene. Sooner rather than later, hopefully you can imagine hospitals of unvaxxed medical professionals treating only unvaxxed. Seems like the only civil way out. They brought this on by not questioning a thing. Afraid of a virus but will put God knows what in their bodies.

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Poor orphans. Got recruited, now they're famous.

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"A secret army of around 60,000 is carrying out domestic and foreign operations for the Pentagon in a programme aimed at minimising threats to US security, it has been reported." https://news.yahoo.com/pentagon-running-secret-army-60-090627814.html


Minimising, instigating , tomato, tomatoe

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Smarter than 99% of them.

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"Anybody rational was hesitant" when Trump was in the White House and now "anybody rational will not hesitate". Must be wonderful to always be rational and right.

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Fortunately you made it through the "death camp"/ hospital nightmare Fren. It's that basic. They advocate a poison and disparage a treatment and want us to believe them? Their own studies say so. Did you self administer the ivermectin or prescribed?

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