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Oh how you take me back through memory lane! When we all still had our innocence. Just carefree pedes trying to disrupt global power structures, take down the deep state, investigate pizzagate, crowdsource WikiLeaks emails, honor a gorilla take too soon, and capture this fucker's flag.

Well, I used to do these things. I still do, but I used to, too. Except for this fucker's flag. Because again... it has already been found.

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I believe that and I believe MJ was innocent. If anything, it makes just as much sense that MJ was molested and knew the industry (of the Hollywood pedo network). He was smart and talented enough to make it huge, so maybe he did his best to keep kids safe.

I watched that HBO documentary and to me it seemed like they were grifters. HBO gave them some money to say MJ was a pedo and they took the money. Maybe they rationalized it as a victimless crime because MJ was dead. Or maybe they just wanted $ for their family.

As for OP’s movie idea. I really want to see it. Learning about Waco was horrifying and made me even more confident that Clinton and the Democrat Party was evil.

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What’s he going to teach? Selective media leaking 101?

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Thank you for saying this. Yes, you're retarded if you don't realize that Torba is calling out the people blaming everything on Muslims. No, Muslims do not control the porn industry, MSM, our elections, banks, pharma or tech...

Yes, some Muslims are involved. Yes, some Jews are involved (though Torba didn't even mention them).

The common denominator isn't religion. I suppose Torba leaves it to the reader to determine who or what is the common denominator. Is it the deep state? Is it Satanists? Is it just evil people? All of the above?

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Torba didn't even mention Jews.

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At best, Gab is a REsource. It's not a source. Full stop. Gab is not managed by Trump.

And once again, I never said Gab wasn't a good resource. It's just fricking annoying when I'm asking for one thing and somebody completely ignores me and instead tries to convince me of something I'm already convinced of while my question never gets answered.

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You keep trying to convince me of something I'm already convinced of without answering my question.

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It's literally not a source though. Where did they get it? How did they verify? That's all I'm asking. Why is this not on https://www.donaldjtrump.com/desk?

Edit: FWIW I do believe this message likely to be true, but can't we agree that this isn't a source?

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Which can only mean that Rubio has been sent to Guantanamo Bay and his actor is doing splendidly. Just kidding. Kind of. Tbh until this recent endorsement I’ve never even considered trusting him.

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That’s kind of the point. We’ve been saying this for months and it finally happened and they are forced to cover it.

I’m not sharing this to help Reuters. I’m sharing this because it’s ammo. There were thousands of pedes labeled violent insurrectionists just for being in DC on the 6th.

Use it as an “I told you so” or even better as a pathway toward understanding. I think this is a big red pill for lefties to swallow. They said we were insurrectionists. Turns out they were.

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Hijacking this hijacked thread to celebrate that John Sullivan got $90k seized after he sold his Ashli Babbitt murder video to CNN and NBC. Plus 8 charges filed against him including weapons charges related to the riot. 🎉 🎊

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George Floyd got $27 million. Is her life not worth more than a guy who wasn't actually killed by the police?

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