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Is this guy really such a fucking faggot that he doesn't know what the world infringed means? God damn, when lefties double down, they really double down.

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What's amusing about this is it's actually a repeat of history. He used to be plastered all of TD when we were on reddit, until the same exact thing happened. Then like 3 weeks ago he started saying things people liked and got plastered on here again. It's actually really interesting to see two parallel events happen to the same board, and the same actor.

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Well all those secret society guys get ass raped by each other before they ever get recruited by the FBI to begin with. Hell that's probably included in their resume.

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Debarry Diner is owned by Rick Scott and his wife who is the host of the morning show on 105.9 and smoke stack is one of the people he hosts the show with. I was joking, implying that you were him because SS seems like a patriot on the radio and is internet savvy.

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Psh you're giving them to much credit. The only people who apply for the FBI these days have small dick syndrome. It's worse anger then little man syndrome and explains exactly what these fucks are compensating for... It explains it all.

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And you just fell for the hopium...

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what are you more likely to believe?

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Well he lost his balls, and his wife to be broke off the wedding (within 2 weeks of the date) because she wanted kids. Objectively, anyone who had a friend have this happen to them should have their story told. Her original post wasn't even anti-vax; she just told people not to be bullied into taking it. That's it. A simple opinion which makes sense.

Oh but she has 80million followers and is telling people to make their own choices... Which is more dangerous to the establishment which is why they pounced. They should of just let it go, said "she's wrong" and moved on. Regaurdless... It's been another interesting event in clown world.

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Not to mention that ANYONE can record studio quality sound with about 5k (if you're doing it legit). Ableton Live costs about 900$ for a legit copy. A midi keyboard, 200$, a digital output for a computer is about 1200. Add in some XLR cables, a couple mics and you're set. The Music Industry lost their hold on being able to record a good sounding track, because back when it reigned a studio session could cost upwards of 10k due to gear you won't be able to pick up on your own. Have you seen the consoles from the 80s? Massive! Now, that whole console fits in a computer with a billion other extras.

Anyone can write music, anyone can promote themselves, anyone can record themselves. Music has become a free art. You're right.

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When you've had enough to drink language is no linger a barrier. When i was 19 i was in Ukraine. My father's neighbor distilled his own vodka (12x) after the 5th shot we were having whole conversations the guy spoke no english, and i spoke no Ukrainian...

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Be well brother. Just know, there's people out here that care about you. Much love.

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No worries. Cooking in these times ahead will be very important to save $$$. Younger, single pedes take heed and learn to cook. With a good budget and planning of meals you can save yourself about 100$ a week (opposed to eating out every day). If any pedes want an idea of what to shop for on a budget simply ask. DMs are open for stuff like this.

Happy cooking champ. Yew yew!

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Yukon's are the best for mashed potatoes, absolutely. However, personally i like using red skins just for the look (i leave the peel). I like the little bit of red in there. It's startchy (naturally), but if you watch your boil (and put a teaspoon of olive oil in the pot) it shouldn't boil over.

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pink himalayan salt became a staple of mine a few years back. My ex-wife and i gave it a shot because, why not? I'll never go back. Maybe it's all in my head, but it seems to make stuff taste better.

I know a lot of people around here eat more healthy, but i highly advise trying out that potato trick. I learned that one on the road working for an outdoor food vendor at a music festival. People would line up like 50 ft for these french fries.

I work at a produce delivery place and my boss lets me take anything i want home. It's a dream for a cook.

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Yo bro, i cook a lot too. If you want to bang up your Shepard's pie to the maximum, buy some fresh rosemary. Before you add the meat mixture to the serving pan, make a rue (which is flour and water wisked in a bowl) it will thicken it up up nice. Next after you add the mashed potatoes crush the rosemary and give it a nice chop through once or twice and sprinkle it on top of the potatoes with some grated parmesan cheese. I like using parmesan because it crisps nice and gives the top a nice look and combos nice with the rosemary.

Also, if you are a streak guy try adding olive oil after you marinate and season. I usually marinate with Lea and Perrins, salt, pepper, and cracked pepper corn. Ill pour a generous amount of olive oil after on both side, and smush it into the steak. Best steak I've ever had. The olive oil keeps everything trapped in while it cooks.

Oh! And how to make the best dang french fry EVER! (This one is simple). Cut your potatoes and thrown them in ice cold water. Give it a out 20 mins, drain, and add more water. You can leave the potatoes in the water as long as you want, just don't take them out until you plan to fry. Something about washing the starch away just makes them amazing.

If you want to make a killer bean dip: Refried BLACK beans is the way to go. Add in a can of Rotel while you cook the bean paste, and after it's hot add a cup of cheese. Serve with chips, but you could eat it with a spoon.

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Its a troll committed to the troll. You have to admire it. That's some good acting. I also don't think the mods "hate us" but are either in on the joke, or like having dessenting opinions scattered through the board. Maybe he's controlled opo, maybe he's a legit RINO supporter, but he's apart of the tribe. It's become a joke. Maybe his whole goal is to have the most negative karama, or maybe it's to be right once and awhile and have our normal viewers say "I can't believe i agree with Anaconda on this".

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That's because you wash your hands before you start cooking. If you want to be turned off from ever eating in a restaurant again; go work a line kitchen. There's a reason you have to go take a shit 15mins after you ate that burger from your favorite place: cross contamination.

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That's not true. If you've ever been out of your home and simply looked around you'd see ot every day. The majority of the population isn't on twitter. You don't see a black man driving a trash truck with a white guy hanging on the back? Their co-workers. Go on any construction site, go into any kitchen, the majority of blacks don't hate white people. Hence why you saw the majority of BLM protesters were white college aged kids burning down black communities.

Conservatives aren't color blind, they simply live and work in society with people of color. It's not black people who are selling out your freedoms, it's rich white people with a big D and R next to their names. You're falling for the division.

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It's interesting how these people view the world. It doesn't stop with colored minorities, it continues to eastern Europeans, Spaniards, slavs, Greeks, Italians, Irish.

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This is Juice. Like not that stuff you add water too. This is like a whole bag of Oranges squeezed into a single 16oz cup juice. Watching NPCs taking red pills left and right who would never would of other wise. Trying to do a mental gymnastic move that would break your neck trying to process this... I'm starting to enjoy clown world

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Accept the honk. There is no denying it. You're either with us or you're with THEM. one of us! One of us! One of us! Your new name will be Mr. Bonkinstien, see Clonkers, and Zimpy over there for your face paint, red nose, and rainbow wig.


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