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Uniparty pede... Trump was not one of them thus they are complicit in this against us.

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When he walked away I about welled up. He's been nothing but marred and persecuted since he announced his candidacy and perhaps even after.

The one thing that give me solace is that he was able to make Obama eat crow in the fact he did become a president. I'm proud of Trump flaws and all!

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Saying this a a blk guy, I agree and think the civil wasn't entirely about slavery the older I get. The thing is I cannot explore this in depth with anyone IRL because how odd it looks or the preconditioned thought most normies have bought into.

Witnessing what has taken place with the election, what Trump has been trying to accomplish these past 4 years, and his treatment has shown me the lengths of how far the deep state will go and its jarring to say the least. I can imagine the same tactics being employed during the per-civil war era how the deep state spun facts and events to their favor to villainize people who wanted a smaller gov't.

This may not be the popular opinion but I do think the south should have been able to leave. Brining this forward to now, should MAGA be able to leave given the state of things, yes that's clear. The next steps though, I'm at a loss for the moment.

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In my opinion it looks like that was what he was going for.

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They've gone out their way to add with Great Respect.

Something else appears to be going on and this is just part of it.

I could be naive, but I think it's best to just let the normies eat this up and for us to keep our eyes peeled.

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This is a real life clown world. I sincerely hope Lin or whomever filed this emergency injunction is back on it filing against the counties to stop the pending wipe on Monday.

These judges tossing sh!t left and right due to technicalities seems like the machine is desperately clinging to this projection. Gotta wear it down though.

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I saw that but then the next question I had is why does that guy have access to more than one ballot?

He may have been joking but it still adds up to suspect in something.

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I've wonder if this was on a large enough scale to have naturally produced the results we've seen.

That doesn't explain the 4AM vote drops, but I can't image more than 10,000 or so RINOs pulling this just to spite Trump.

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Any other pedes not seeing #BidenCheated on their trending list?

I had to check another site outside of twitter to confirm it was trending.

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I agree about Ali, but I think he's probs under alot stress or is just a plain douche.

I can deal just to get intel, but he does give snake vibes... not sure how i feel about it.

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I think that is one way.

There was another case filed after normal business hours by the Trump team a few days ago.

I'm not sure how that works but because it pertains to the general election in a state, there is probably a afterhours process to handle expedited request so they are fast tracked.

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Hang the governor and the Public health person thing....

only half joking

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If Rudy is up for that'll be lit.

The AG as his final rodeo...that does sound pretty fucking rad the more I think about it.

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Trump has broken down the PC wall, let rumble folks LOLOLOL

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I'm no attorney but this text does read as they would see the issue again post-haste.

I'm a layman though, would love a confirmation to see if my understanding is correct.

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If i'm reading this correctly this is potentially YUGGGE.

For context, couldn't the MI Supreme court could have just tossed this case on mootness and not commented on the merits of the case?

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I get what you're saying here and it's valid. I was pursuing this article and it appears back in 2000 funds had to be reimbursed after the court case. There's still hope, but I get where you're coming from.


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Srsly what the hell!?

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