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What teen boy needs his mom checking his heart rate through the night

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The AZ audit doesnt go far enough - it doesn’t check signatures

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Completely true - this man’s story also shows how marxists in the police will try to screw over anybody who trusts them and speaks to them.

I fear this is a similar problem to what we saw in DC

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It’s racist to say that the Virus leaked from a lab (like chinese scientists leaked many times before with Sars v1), but perfectly acceptable to blame Chinese citizens for eating bat soup (which never happened in that area)??

When you see an inconsistency like this it is worth remembering that the guy or girl in your class who went into journalism did so because she was too fucking retarded to do anything worthwhile.

(excuse my french)

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Here's Michael's follow up here :


Interesting - because Wall Street was never really a big recruiter of poor Appalachian whites.

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I’m an idiot - arrests not prosecutions

I understand why we are decriminalizing theft - it's expensive to prosecute people, jails are full, and we have lost faith in our criminal justice system.

However - in allowing theft to run free here (but not elsewhere in the US) we encourage thieves to come to SF & CA.

When it becomes economically advantageous to engage in crime (and there is little chance of repercussions) we create perverse incentives for who should be here.

We essentially punish the lawful & hard-working.

We take advantage of business & property owners.

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The New York Times is threatening to publish all the private communication it has ever had WITH PROJECT VERITAS'S LAWYERS - ON 100% UNRELATED CASES.

They are basically trying to get Project Veritas's lawyer fired from her own company (they emailed this threat to her boss - not even cc'ing her when she was the lawyer of record)

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Folks wonder why Walgreens closed 20 stores in SF and old people can’t get their pharmaceuticals any more.

As AOC says : “he was just stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving children”

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Cover it up - “to talk about the chinese nuclear leak is racist”

Blame Trump - “the long discredited nuke leak theory”

Claim victimhood - “are right wing conspiracy theories causing blacks to attack Asians?”

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CRT seems to be only adopted by the young and mentally ill.

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Is this the one who attends BLM riots and abandoned her muslim brother-husband so she could fuck a white staffer?

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Zerohedge was banned from twitter for months for discussing the lab leak hypothesis.

Zuckerberg colluded with Anthony Fauci to silence anybody who mentioned the lab leak hypothesis.

Even going to the extreme measure of putting the guy who funded the gain of function research in charge of “factchecking” the platform

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That tweet is funny AF and I’m surprised harry hasn’t gone to st george square to worship st george floyd yet.

But Julie Burchill is a man hating extreme feminist who encouraged all men to kill themselves. And her own son did just that :


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