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Disgusting- he wants US free speech restricted before he has spent a year in our country

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Lie 1-

Nobody was killed (many were killed during BLM riots)

Lie 2-

Protestors were allowed to enter (BLM destroyed billions in property)

Lie 3-

Trump incited violence (Democrat politicians incited BLM riots all year)

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Sadiq Khan only prosecutes whites.

“hate” crime laws are basically designed to create a two tier criminal justice system where only whites are prosecuted and only minorities are protected

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These people are “enacting whiteness” - professor of race baiting at the university of marxism and time wasting

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So when democrats institute anti - white systemic racism across america (like affirmative action and quotas)

How long will it be until the blacks realize this is unfair and we have another MLK (everybody should be treated equally) moment?

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Many went back to Liberia and set up their own black supremacy country.

(Spoiler alert : it didn’t end up like the Wakanda that SJWs expect)

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Remember - dems banned them from doing a signature check

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Some virologists (Baric etc) came out in support of a lab leak investigation


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Biased Academia with their diversity hired heads in the sand combined with a news media that only hires fucking retards has allowed China to get away with mass murder.

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Remember though-

Democrats insisted that signature verification was not allowed as part of the audit.

Gavin Newsom insisted on a signature verification for his recall.

Democrats know how the sausage is made and you aren’t allowed to see it.

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The UK police (especially in London under Sadiq Khan) will look the other way if a muslim rapes white girls.

(The pro muslim labour party tweeted that rape victims should keep quiet for the sake of diversity)


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