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"In the case of Lyin' Ted Cruz. Lyin' Ted. Lies. Ooh, he lies. You know Ted. He brings the Bible, holds it high, puts it down, lies"

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That's what he's clearly saying. Where the fuck is he even from? Go back there then.

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I'm disappointed almost half aren't aware

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And nfn but the majority of former slaves just went right back to their former owners to work at what we would consider today a slave wage

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Looks like an inbred 3rd world shitholer, oh that's because it was.

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It's not about that, it's about the media manipulation, like the pictures of Trayvon Martin as a toddler and similar depictions of St. Fentanyl Floyd.

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Well yes its always changing. Are humans contributing to it? Maybe/ debatable. If so, is it to an extent that really matters? Unlikely. Other factors way outside of our ability to control, solar activity and geothermal activity for example, have an impact thousands of times more than anything we could conceivably do if we were actually trying. Like Rush used to say, let's suppose we were so set out to "destroy the planet", how would we even go about it? At best we might wipe ourselves out but the planet would recover in the blink of an eye on a cosmic scale. Our conceit is folly. As an organism on Earth, we're mostly negligible.

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