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He studied AIDS to learn how to recreate it

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Fauci has to be the most unqualified "expert" or "professional" in any position or capacity of anything ever.

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Was going to go see them in May in Daytona but fuck them now, didn't know they were being fags about that, those rules are generally illegal here in FL now anyway

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It's a type of work visa that is SUPPOSED to be used to fill a job that NO "qualified" American can be found to do (a ridiculous notion), so they import 3rd world shitholers as basically an indentured servant or nearly a slave that they "own" to fill the job. It's supposed to be only used to fill an "unfillable" vacancy but instead what companies like Disney and ones in silicon Valley do is create the vacancy by laying off the already working American and then replace them with the shitholer (who they train to make them "qualified). Then the company basically "owns" the person because their presence here is completely predicated on the position. Also, the shitholer then uses the foot in the door to bring their entire extended family over.

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Haha yup I was thinking it too

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They're in ecstacy doing this to innocent and perfectly healthy children. Pure evil.

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