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Excellent read. No way she did it for altruistic reasons. Once these lot get power it’s all they care about.

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You’ve got a case with Obama, but Joepedo was able to pretend that Jill was 12 and he was 30 at least three times.

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Whatchu talking about? His exit looked like that wave of RINO's who weren't onboard the train jumping off. Where's the sauce on death threats?

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Dr? No, that woman is not a Dr. She's a butcher at best.

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I suppose it follows that someone who would buy EV would have no idea how the things actually work.

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A vote for Lake is a vote for Lake, box could be anything though, it could be a vote for Lake!

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Forcing people to say things they don’t agree with is leftist thinking.

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Just so I understand you, there is no chance Elon Musk could be the antichrist because the devil would quote scriptures more often?

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Maybe a guy who wants to put a neural implant in everyone but also occasionally quotes scriptures.

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Only having to abide by the supreme law of the land in the case of receiving tax payer money is a pretty wild stance.

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I had no idea there was a way to see which churches were actively heretical without having to go. Thanks for the tip.

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