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Didn't Francis get black smoke? Or something bizarre.

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If there's graphene in them can't wifi make them combust?


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Not surprised.

So they want to quarantine those who do not have covaids?

Just trying to understand this mess.

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This is serious.

People are getting vaccine-acquired immune deficiency probably because of the HIV protein fragments they use while making the shot.

See Australia and why they ditched making their own.

Hint: people were testing positive for HIV antibodies.

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I figure that's next.

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Pfizer can still be liable.

They got their approvals but we can prove willful misconduct.

You don't get immunity if you tell the FDA you're making one thing, but you actually make an entirely different thing.


I doubt they'd get approval to inject parasites, graphene oxide, and that weird hydra-looking animal.

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And considering it's Alec Baldwin, gotta keep in mind that they could have used a real gun then lied about it to the public. The report could be fraudulent.

I don't trust them folks.

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Now I like him even more.

Granted, that would have been an overreaction, but I can't stand thieves either, so I get it.

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Did the jab give him blood cancer?

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No boundaries.

They were probably all abused or neglected as children. They never learned proper boundaries.

And they have rejected God.

So they need to State to impose some kind of structure.

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China had a corruption-sniffing AI that was so good they retired it. It was catching too many criminals.

Can we borrow it, China, please?

We need to sniff out everyone with obligations to George Soros and remove these people from office.

Pending civil or criminal proceedings.

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First, part of the problem is seeing oneself as "white."

White only exists in opposition to black.

If there were no black, would you think of yourself as white?

I say this not to put anyone down, but to encourage people to look past those terms and connect with heritage.

Then it becomes easier to see that someone is after people of European descent.

Christians, whether practicing or not.

There's a lot to this that I won't go into but I believe it is Biblical. Someone is trying to kill off the lost tribes.

The descendants of Jacob, or Israel, are the current Europeans.

Read the Bible. It's all laid out.

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Maybe he isn't.

And maybe that's a good thing because otherwise, he'd have been dispatched to the Great Beyond by now.

I don't care if he is AI. Or a Space Alien from the Pleiades.

Or a CGI conglomeration of white hats.

All I want is justice.

And it looks like something is beginning to move. Just a little.

Could this be why those politicians are retiring?

One can hope, right?

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Best of luck.

Also, hate to bring this up, but...

Hope you are both unvaxxed. There have been allegations of problems with the shots causing issues.

In one of the protocols, it was a reportable event if a study participant had contact with a pregnant woman. Casual contact was enough.

Be careful NOT to be around vaxxed people or let the baby around them.

I believe this will all get sorted out soon, probably within 6 months, but in the meantime, we're on our own.

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Unfortunately, we are damned if we do and damned if we don't.

They want an uprising so they can have an excuse to jail us all. That's how it works in a Color Revolution, which this is.

I'm praying for divine intervention.

And otherworldly intervention.

And at the same time, planning for life after the commies are all taken care of.

After all, we don't want to recreate the evil we just conquered. How do we ensure they never again get power?

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“There’s a reason senior House Democrats are retiring in droves: they’ve been around long enough to know when the political winds are blowing against them. Democrats’ majority is doomed.”


Could it be?

Nah. That would get my hopes up too high.

But what if?


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