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They want to depopulate first, then enslave the survivors.

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Classic Cloward-Piven strategy. Dish out as much free money as possible to bankrupt the state and prepare the way for communism.

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Not just a white guy, he hired a tranny pedo with a fake pussy, so he earns even more diversity points than if he'd just hired a regular black.

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Huh? Where did you get that from? My understanding of the meme was that George Floyd was a hoax to generate the necessary reaction and NWO solution.

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Let's face it, we're probably dealing with hundreds of thousands of dead here. By the end of the year, maybe even millions. The cure really is worse than the disease, much, much worse.

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How many victims have to be maimed and killed by this poison before the people finally decide enough is enough? Any other drug would have been taken off the market and the perps fined.

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Neither can I. It's mostly just bad acting these days and the lies are really transparent.

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Democracy isn't compatible with any kind of society, especially the kind we've got now. Even in a racially and ethnically homogeneous society, we'd still have the problem of the masses voting themselves stupid shit, with nothing anyone can do to reverse it. The supposed checks and balances mean nothing in the face of democratic tyranny or when they're controlled by a hostile oligarchical elite.

If covid has taught us anything, it has taught us democracy's main failing is it assumes the masses know what they want and that it's just and rational to implement whatever the masses want because majority rule.

So unless one is willing to abolish universal suffrage, the great lesson of the 21st century is that democracy is a complete and utter failure.

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Covid isn't just a regular cult, it's a death cult.

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I've heard although the Texas governor bans masks and other covid BS, apparently all or most private businesses will enforce them because they're acting as proxies for fedgov. Biden's handlers admit as much themselves, which is why federally mandated passports aren't necessary.

Plus all Texas federal facilities will require observance of the covid cult restrictions.

Sounds like a PR stunt if you ask me.

Maybe somebody on the ground can fill me in?

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Animal trials? The poison dispensers skipped animal trials because, in past studies, the animals would get sick and/or die from the rona "vaccine." This is on top of the numerous methodological problems with the clinical trials themselves.

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Anyone stupid enough to take the poison jab is a dead man walking. Enjoy your concoction of HIV proteins, formaldehyde, mercury, polyethylene glycol, possible nanotech implants (?), luciferase and whatever other shit happens to be inside it.

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It's disgusting how much discretionary power these costumed troglodytes have, in addition to near immunity from prosecution. They could easily ruin this man's life by planting something on him or just outright lying. Sure, he could fight it in court, but at what cost? And if he complains about police mistreatment, it's police investigating police, so likelihood of arrest and punishment is remote.

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Canadians are, for the most part, very nice and polite people.


Canadians in general may act nice and polite up front, but in reality, they're backstabbers who won't hesitate to fuck you over. The only national culture there is bullying and snitching, plus a child like faith in statism and naive veneration of authority figures, which is why the country has quickly descended into an Orwellian dystopia. The authoritarian turn has more to do with giving the bullies and snitches more opportunities to bully and snitch, an environment they thrive in.

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Don't worry, they may back down now, but they'll be back. The boys in blue are pretty vindictive up there and will use any opportunity to massively fuck this person over, just like they did that other pastor.

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I'm tired of these pussy worship threads.

Women serve no other purpose beside (a) sex and (b) staying in the kitchen. She is to be subordinate to the man at all times. Ideally, she doesn't have a mouth and the only book she reads is the Bible.

If she's doing anything beside (a) or (b), she's out of her element.

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Why are you getting so emotional? You haven't shown me anything to change my beliefs. There's an independence movement in Quebec. So what? How does that help anyone when they support the same NWO policies? What difference does it make which party controls what cities when all parties in Canada are on the same NWO bandwagon? It's not a strawman to point out every metropolitan area in Canada supports the NWO, since it reinforces my point all levels of government nationwide are pro-NWO.

And yes, most of the country is not fit for human habitation. Do you need a geography lesson too?

I don't need to 'prove' anything to you.

That's not how the game works. Claims need to be supported by verifiable evidence. This is very elementary. If you don't have the intelligence and maturity to engage in rational dialogue like a normal adult, then maybe you should just stop wasting my time.

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