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Handshake faggot

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This fat fuck should be hanging from meat hooks in a freezer. I can't trust Kellyanne that she's still with clown.

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Media types are the bottom feeders of society.

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Normies and retarded redditors can't understand why almost all video games suck these days. They claim it's because "muh corporations" are putting profits over making a decent game. It's actually quite simple:

A. They're shoe-horning woke bullshit into their games.
B. They have replaced quality devs with trannies, females, and minorities that are thoroughly unqualified.

Until this cancer is corrected, expect video games to continue to suck ass.

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Take your 5th booster

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Where's the provision in the 1st amendment for "public display of profane language"?

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Scott Presler is the silent hero of our generation. I'm serious.

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Stop rewriting history. He flipped his shit when Brian Kemp in GA reopened his state "too soon".

For the record: Brian Kemp is still a faggot.

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We spent 2 trillion on wars in 20 years. Trump and Congress spent 6 trillion for Chink coof in a matter of 6 months. The comparison doesn't even come close. 6 fucking trillion in 6 months.

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Dude you are retarded. Were you a former Bernie bro? 6 trillion in spending was unprecedented at the time.

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