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Have you never worked somewhere or stepped into a project and said, what the hell were these people thinking when they designed this? I’m simply saying it’s not some crazy thing like it’s being made out to be.

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Yes, and have you never had internal network issues?

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You don’t have to believe me. But it happens and this really isn’t a huge deal like it’s being made out to be.

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I’m an IT professional and this isn’t surprising if their internal network is down. Badge readers on buildings are tied into that network. Every big company experiences this during upgrades/outages, etc

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It professional here. Those badge systems tie into the internal network at FB. Not surprising if they are having an outage that those won’t work.

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Yet all the protests that don’t take place here get called set ups. The four dudes you drink beers with and agree with your opinion aren’t enough. How are numbers achieved then?

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They just exist to protect state property and interests. Aussies executing cops pepper spraying people and beating innocent grannies in the street would be a message.

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Jesus how shitty of a life have you led that someone can just come along and force you to inject yourself with shit and you have to comply because you have debt and shit lol

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You mean the Congress installed by elections that none of us believe are real? How long have they been fixing the elections to install people on both sides of the aisle? They just put us against each other on social issues while the uniparty operates behind the scenes. Mitch McConnell and Nancy pelosi are the exact same person.

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