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If Trump was on the ballot in every country, he would win.

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They can't leave their soapbox. When they act out it's to get attention - not because their serious. They are only serious about fucking kids.

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"Vaccine Promotor" - Net Worth $35 MILLION The dude is not just some random "Doctor" AND his own kids have autism, probably due to vaccines.

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Sounds like a lot of good questions to me.

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If Musk said rhe sky was green would he leave X? No. Because it'd be silly. Pizzagate however, is real.

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These people wake up and live\breathe politics and world control. But heaven forbid regular people like us even make a sign and protest their actions or we get called "political fanatics".

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The Bible is right about everything.

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He danced with covid needles. Serves him right while the rest of us were getting fired.

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We continually and repeatedly and ignorantly keep praising the next rhino that comes along.

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not short memories. hypocrites. Hold yourself to being able to say "Yeah, Trump did do that, and while I support him for this and this, I don't support him for that."

Instead people here downvote facts because it hurts that little liberal piece of them.

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Aleajandro De La Garza.... a name that doesn't care about American Thanksgiving. Fuck you wierdo.

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