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Israel only exists because we fund them. Any money they paid to those families was ours to begin with so no, reparations were not paid.

Jews have been hated by various countries and groups of people around the world for more than a millennium, long before Hitler ever existed. Maybe there are reasons as to why that is that we should be learning from.

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That's not going to happen unless she moves out of New York and to a free state.

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If you expect any of our corrupt state and federal agencies to actually uphold the law then you are going to be waiting a very long time and are a retarded faggot.

It is not on government officials and agents to indict and arrest themselves for the massive treason they are all a part of, it is on us, the American people, to act as the last check and balance on the government when all out institutions have failed. The founders gave us the tools to accomplish this in the constitution but so far, the American people (conservatives) have proven themselves to be weak and cucked. Stop complaining that nothing is getting done if you're not willing to be the ones getting it done.

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No one cares. Fuck off.

Tired of faggots like you filling the site with dumb shit like this.

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Because Whites, Christians and Conservatives have become the biggest race of cucks on the planet.

You are either a White liberal destroying Western Civilization with wokeness or you are a White conservative who lets it happen for fear that the liberals will call you a racist, nazi, bigot etc. Either way, you're a cuck.

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Every new "variant" is another chance to make $billions more off of the brainwashed sheeple.

This shit ends when we end those responsible for it all.

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Imagine if we work at getting Texas to secede?

Texas alone has a chance to save Western Civilization if it weren't tethered to the sinking ship that is the US government.

Texas really has what is takes to thrive and rival the US as a separate superpower but it seems like we may need to work at taking over every level of government in Texas to make that happen. Don't be fooled, Abbott and many others in the highest level of the Texas state government are cucked to globalists. Most people don't realize that both Texas and Florida were insanely close to having democrat governors. A National Divorce is possible if we work to make it happen.

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I get what this meme is saying but does this image count as child pornography?

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Cuckservatives will soon forget about this and move on just like they have done for all the other evil shit going on.

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Anyone can use their browser's inspector to edit any element of a twitter post (or any other webpage) with little to no programming knowledge then take a screenshot of the edited page when done.

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mexico is a 3rd world shithole.

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The wait for the feds to unlawfully, unconstitutionally and illegitimately trespass on your property and then... BAM!

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