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I don't know about Matt Walsh or Zuby as they seem pretty based but Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro are definitely two of the biggest neocon cucks out there.

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Give this to 4chan.

They'll have it corrected and expanded in no time. Kudos to Kanye for getting the ball rolling but he isn't a professional autist so it makes sense that this list would be incomplete. There are a lot of companies and names that need to be on this list.

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Then you've apparently never seen a terrorist in your entire life. Must be nice living on Mars.

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I bet Pelosi takes that home and masturbates with it while she thinks about all the ways she can abuse governmental power for her own gain and all the lives she has ruined along the way.

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You're a fucking dumbass and no one here, me especially, cares to read your copypasta garbage.

Fuck off you troll shill.

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Here's an idea.

What if local oil producers here in the US decided to tell the federal government to go fuck them selves and they (with the states permission) just ignored all the permitting and bureaucratic nonsense and just started drilling and flooding the market with fuel?

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Who fucking cares if Tulsi endorses Kari Lake. Kari doesn't need that RINO cunt's endorsement. It would only be newsworthy if it was the other way around and why do you keep spamming this bullshit over and over again? Why are you simping for Tulsi?

You know this is a MAGA community and that Tulsi Gabbard isn't in any way MAGA, right?

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Why did you choose "diverse" hands instead of all White hands? Why are you perpetuating this Hollywoke narrative that we need diversity? Why are you using their propaganda?

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If that happen then Patriots all across the country will take up arms against these tyrants and they don't have nearly enough manpower to stop us all and they know that which is why I don't believe that situations will ever devolve to the point where that will happen such as the country running out of deiseal fuel and the entire economy grinding to a halt. Everything that is happening has been planned out by the WEF and it has been planned around things getting so bad so quickly that we will feel the need to use our firearms against them.

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Holy fucking super ultra mega extra spicy MAGA BASED! (if that is what I think it is which is hard to tell because of the low quality and resolution)

Too bad it's not real though and besides, there are cheaper and easier solutions.

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