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Either you weren't paying attention or you're a complete and total dumbass.

He knew Twitter had a bot problem but he didn't and couldn't know the full extent without internal data from Twitter which he couldn't get without taking the necessary steps to purchase Twitter and they still either gave him false or incomplete data which is why he backed out to force them to provide the real info in court.

Maybe you should've done your "basic due diligence" before posting such a stupid comment.

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Which is still way too high.

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Damn... sucks to be her.

Such a shame too, she is White and was such a MILF, Oh well...

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Twitter is 95% bots. Why would he pay 42 $Billion for bots? Twitter lied about their value. I believe Elon still wants Twitter but he wants them to be honest about how many bots are on their platform and pay a fair price accordingly. There is still an ongoing legal battle going on so there is a chance he could end up with Twitter at a fair price.

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Every. Single. Time.

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Where I live they are always up on poles and out of reach. If they were ground level like seen here, I would have made some of them disappear long ago late at night when everyone is asleep. Still for those that are up on poles even those can be taken down with a portaband or reciprocating saw.

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I find that the innocent army vet and mom who was murdered by an antifa jogger in cold bold, that her image is now being linked to terrorism more disturbing. The family should sue the FBI for that.

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How about we take guns away from NO American citizens but instead control who we allow to be or continue being American citizens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Just an average day in Africa... oh wait...

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Netflix, Disney and Amazon are single handedly responsible for destroying so many beloved franchises by pushing all of Hollywood towards wokeness.

I will NEVER forgive these companies for what they have done to our culture.

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Will we last as a country until 2024?

... 😬

It's not looking good.

Fortunately for me, one of the benefits of having long since run out of fucks to give and having no family to depend on is that suicide is always an option. Will I make it to 2024? Not likely. My plan is to build a kick-ass new PC in the next few months and play some cool upcoming games like Starfield and when society collapses, I'll just escape the bullshit with a bullet to the head. Maybe I'll take out some FBI faggots or Democrats before I go but unlike all you other pussies here who have stood by and done nothing while commies take over, I literally have nothing or no one anchoring me to this world and can leave it any time I choose.

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So the Republican party is just officially becoming the new Democrat party? Got it, like we didn't already know that...

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Except it is woke because it is full of black characters. I want my entertainment to be de-diversified and if it's not, it's still woke.

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