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On a friday night not this place. And a bunch of other restaurants were simply closed. Very weird.

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Fuckin crazy right?

Spez: And a bunch of other restaurants in the Heights that would normally be open on FRIDAY NIGHT were closed.

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How many people can say they’ve had their dick sucked by a Vice President? Just Willie Brown and Mike Pence’s stable of twinks. That’s it.

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OooOOOOoooo he’s BIG MAD!


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I don’t drink beer with people who call me a terrorist. Especially when they do it on the floor of the Senate, televised and on the Congressional record. Those kind of drinking buddies will get you locked up.

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I’m still trying to figure out if the default bitch they make you play as in Warzone now is saying “I’ll take the stick” or “I’ll take this dick” when you get in a chopper.

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You must not have been paying attention last week when we all chimped out on here about Trump bragging about Operation Warp Speed and how proud of the vaxxines he is.

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They interviewed Wray Epps?? Fucking when?? Was he under oath? Where on CSPAN can I view this? Which Congressfags asked him questions?? What were hos responses?? Where can I find a transcript??


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Stunning and brave!

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We already know those are traitorous faggots. We know they are not our friends. We know they are our enemies. We expected better of Ted Cruz, who was endorsed by Ron Paul prior to entering the Senate.

I personally voted for Cruz in both of his Senatorial primaries and general elections. I defended him in the “Lyin’ Ted” days, though I voted Rand Paul in the 2016 Presidential primaries. Next time I will deeply consider his primary opponent.

That said, I’ve seen about four or five posts discussing Cheney today. And every faggot you mentioned catches bile on this site whenever one of their names is mentioned. So that comparison is disingenuous and irrelevant.

Spez: This is what Cruz’s bullshit got us.

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We want to get rid of anyone who calls us “domestic terrorists.” That is entirely reasonable. Only an enemy would call us that.

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