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Morbid obesity.

Guarantee she was something like 5'5", 275.

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Warrior. Fucking based warrior of God.

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Civil unions are one thing.

Marriage is a covenant with God. And God doesn’t like fags.

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Company is going to appeal.

This is a pretty open shut case. Director openly and directly stated they were fighting against the company’s reputation of being straight, white men. Later, when straight, white men expressed concern over the security of their jobs, they were fired.

In the US, at the least, that would be discriminatory practices, as well as retaliatory firing. Both of which are illegal.

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They’re still held to physical standards. This girl wouldn’t have even gotten past MEPS due to her weight. Especially for the Marines.

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There’s no way she was approved in MEPS. She’s way over the body fat % limit.

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JROTC would kick this fat fuck out. Even their standards aren’t this lax.

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What turbulent past? Dude’s been in the public eye for decades. Anything “turbulent” has been known for years.

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Rules of engagement are bullshit when dealing with those hajis. They use women and children as shields.

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Zero fucking chance this fat fuck is a Marine.

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Biden is worse on China than Trump?

The fucking communists hacked a critical system of ours and Biden isn't going to sanction them?

He's softer than his dementia-rattled brain on China.

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Type 2 diabetes is exactly a punishment for being fat.

Wanna know how I lowered my resting blood sugar from prediabetic to normal?

I lost a shitton of weight!

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