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This is bullshit demoralization.

People know. LOTS of people know.

The job of the Elite right now is to keep the plebs at bay.

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This is really weird.

Between this and the transgender removal thing yesterday it sounds like what happened is that after the shooting the left mobilized its agents at Twitter and like paid them off or something.

Then once the narrative went the opposite way the censors were already paid so they needed something to ban and had to search around for really stupid stuff.

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I actually agree with you that he needs to crack down.

Not because it hurts us but because no one had even heard of this shit until the right leaning guys distributed it everywhere.

This happens all the time. We are our own worst enemy.

Something bad happens. Then we find the most extreme example and normalize the shit out of it.

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I feel like the fact that he has survived so long is largely due to the other big 3 sports supporting him being there as it makes stealing the NHL markets ridiculously easy.

Keep in mind that he came from the NBA when the NBA was the 4th most popular sport.

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I mean we can reset the argument because you’ve dug yourself a hole but I’m just going to repeat myself in bold as well.

Because that’s how accountability works.


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The situation is clear.

He bought the platform with a specific goal.

That goal was achieves almost immediately.

Now they are starting to walk that back.

It’s not like progress is occurring at a slow pace.

Progress was achieved.

He should be held responsible given that context.

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You’re an idiot because you don’t understand how Elon represented the buy or you’re purposefully ignoring it.

You’re a shill because you’re defending him no matter the situation.

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It’s dumb that people want to defend Elon over this.

But I’m also ok with this ban actually.

First off Cheong is an idiot. Don’t even get me started on that.

Secondly this poster was ALL about normalization. That’s what these platforms understand. No one had heard of this call to violence thing until after the shooting.

All we were doing was literally publicizing a call to violence during the time most likely to create copycats.

I’m ok putting that stuff here where no trannies except the mods are going to see it. But on Twitter I can see why it’s a problem.

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People are busting his balls because that’s how accountability works.


Idiots like you want to give him credit for every success of all his companies but refuse to hold him accountable for the EXACT complaint he had about the service before buying it???

It doesn’t get much more shill than that.

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Reminds me of the UK stuff.

Terrorist hunts down and stabs MP in person.

UK responds by passing all kinds of privacy violating online garbage.

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This is such a shortsighted perspective.

If there is a person on the Grand Jury who is leaking this stuff it’s likely they are also looking at media and seeing what is being reported. Including Truth posts.

So all Trump is doing here is showing them some respect in order to give them encouragement.

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If it wasn’t for this site this woman would literally not have a platform.

Not sure why mods seem obsessed with her. This woman carries no real influence.

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That’s why they always tie these types of things to “foreign threats”.

Because the conservative wing of the court can be persuaded that the law needs to stay for security reasons even though it’s broken.

What they should do is invalidate the law and if banning TikTok is so important then it should be addressed in a different manner.

Of course they can’t be bothered to do that because they are busy handing our money over to billionaires.

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This was a discussion about a shooting. We don’t need to create straw men to put my comments in a different context. This was not a discussion about any specific legislation or greater gun rights.

Nobody was in here yesterday talking about specific legislation. They were insecure specifically about a shooting which occurred.

You’re allowed to talk about whatever you want.

But when you talk in that type of way after a shooting occurs (particularly one where the establishment narrative was not great) I’m certainly ALSO allowed to point out that you’re projecting insecurities.

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Imagine having this situation.

A terrible media narrative for the establishment.

Yet there were scores of accounts here last night trying to cloud the issue by claiming this didn’t happen.

Seems like video here put that bullshit to rest real fast.

Good on them for stomping that political narrative garbage.

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There’s nothing wrong with that.

The insecurity lies when there is a shooting and rather than feeling comfortable about your rights you immediately take the loserism stance of thinking that the government and media are coming for your weapons.

It’s hypocritical to live in our society, participate in Sunday gun days here, live the culture and then immediately bend over ready to give it all up the moment someone gets shot.

Yesterday is a perfect example because the media narrative was shit. This particular situation has ZERO chance of a long term negative effect on gun rights.

So did users here respond that way? Nope. They still freaked out about rights which is a huge indicator of greater insecurities and the overarching issue of loserism here as a whole.

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So many straw men here.

I’m not anti-2A idiot.

I’m anti-insecurity.

You’re projecting weakness when you respond to something like this in this fashion.

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Without even looking, I'd guess you showed up on this site right after the coup.

You don’t think I know all the paid accounts spam this type of projection now?

You sound like a parody. Lol

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See those downvotes?

It’s because everyone here knows you’re just trying to derail the thread with division.

Go back to Reddit.

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You’re just showing your insecurities.

There’s no value to the establishment overall in having a shooter being trans.

Who cares if it’s a shooting. Due to the trans thing the left is already trying to memory hole this.

The insecurities thing in particular here really bothers me. I saw a TON of this earlier here today before the shooter was known.

If you support the second amendment and care about guns why do you let the media influence your knee jerk reactions. The more reactive you are the easier it is for them to control and manipulate you.

There are evil people in the world. Not everything which is inconvenient to you is a conspiracy.

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FYI: You would accomplish this 100x more effectively by making leftists victims of an attack.

Harming the transgender narrative while attacking the right in a red state does literally nothing.

You’re a complete idiot. Keep collecting those sweet overtime dollars.

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