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FTX had a higher ESG score than Exxon to be fair.

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To be clear let’s understand what this article and its promotion here is about.

Has this made the mainstream? No.

So why is it being pushed here. Is it because of the high percentage of users here from the Netherlands? Also, No.

So what is this about. Showing us what could occur so we can stop it? Do I really need to type “LOL” to that?

So why are articles like this pushed here? It’s to push the Overton window and begin slow acceptance of this outrageous behavior in the United States. That’s it.

Happens all over the forum.

You have to also understand the following. The left in America has no platform. It has had no platform for 20 years.

The lefts platform for 2 decades has been see what makes conservatives the most mad and then push those specific things into the culture.

I see people complaining about Transgenders and Jews here and I have to laugh.

It’s easily the quickest way to ensure that those people gain power.

Complaining about McConnell or McCarthy is just a sideshow. The main event is taking what you hate and converting it into your own personal hell.

You know why it works? Because there’s not a single MAGA centric organization which is drafting real legislation to fix any important issues to Trumps cause whatsoever.

The left has an entire army of lawyers who draft legislation to troll us.

The rights version of that is funded by China and corporate America.

When you talk about “winning” that’s what we should be looking at.

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Oh god.

A Kanye and a Tim Pool thread. I’m sure all the users in these comments are totally organic. 100% of them.

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Thank you for this.

It’s not just that Ron Gould is a pussy.

It’s the fucking loser users here who publicize that crap by posting who are just as bad.

Advertisement of loserism is the #1 problem here right now.

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It’s more than an alert.

They have bots designed to glom off of popular accounts to build their own clout.

So if he posts and you get the most popular reply (which happens in the first minute or two) then you can build an entire brand or clout off of that.

Krassenstein brothers and Dr Eugene Gu were famous for using bots to do that when responding to Donald Trump.

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It’s not really “people” as much as it is judges.

You need not just one but a group of judges interested in destroying the legal system in the same way that the left has done.

There’s really nothing at all like that in America right now.

That includes the Trump records case.

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You’re right. We should totally give up on the enforcement arm of the law. Because that will totally give us that much more power and influence.

Especially when the other side is determined to treat them like crap. This is definitely not a golden opportunity for us.

Keep being a loser.

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Last time I checked we all pay their pensions.

But keep crediting the other side for spending your own money.

Loserism on top of loserism. Pathetic.

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Or we could go on the offensive. Work with law enforcement and arrest those responsible for committing election fraud.

That’s actual winning. Not this sacrificial bullshit that the FBI constantly pushes around here.

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Going to tell them not to cooperate with Congress.

Must have something significant to hide.

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He actually asking about a rumored FTX sex tape.

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You’re an emotional idiot.

You literally out the reason why your own argument is stupid.

Twitter is not a utility.

Also if we want to get into the weeds twitter is clearly not broken right now.

AND the most “broken” part about twitter was a group of users who colluded to create headaches on the platform.

None of that has to do with Musk.

Get a life. Surprised anyone with any worth would want to work with someone so stupid.

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He’s basically a boring YouTube promoted alternative to Rogan.

If you ever want to fall asleep turn him on.

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Removing yourself from society is also an easy way to lose the culture war.

But hey at least you’ve outed yourself as a loser.

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The cultural decline gets worse over time and is easy to track.

To try and shift blame from younger generations is stupid.

Certainly boomers are selfish fucks but at least they worked.

If there was any evidence that gen z was improving America you would have listed it out.

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Exactly. Interesting they are blaming liquidity and not scams though.

Is this to protect a larger exchange?

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You could do some research and find out.

Instead you’ve decided to concern troll and be useless.

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You’re onto it but not exactly.

This really is about destroying American culture.

At some point in the recent past the ugly truth was exactly what he mentions.

But the bottom line here is any spending used on this problem would be better spent encouraging legitimate citizens to reproduce instead.

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Absolutely. I totally meant my own comment in the general sense as well.

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This is kind of a harshly worded take but it’s not wrong.

The modern conflict is can we use technology to organize ourselves out of the fact that most people in the world are far less professional than their counterparts in past generations.

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Dont give this guy your account.

He’s spamming here to create some sort of blacklist.

Likely going to pull your followers / interactions to map user networks here.

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Why is this not stickied?

This sir is a Wendy’s.

Not Jewishpeoplesuck.win

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