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That leftist troll account must have really hurt your feelings.

Aren’t you glad the truth came along today to show everyone how right you REALLY are.

It’s really great that Trump got raided. 🙄

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Fuck that show and fuck Adam Savage.

The science and engineering they did was piss poor quality 95% of the time.

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It’s funny how when you open these establishment threads how Obama and the Democrats always magically get a pass.

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It’s not even that complicated. You’re that much closer to the truth.

China does want to eventually invade. So they will leverage every excuse they can.

China complaining about Pelosi does 2 things.

  1. Gives them the above opportunity.

  2. Creates a public (not at all private) distance between them and their greatest individual ally in American politics.

Why would they ever kill their greatest living American ally?

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So everything you just tried to fight for 10 useless replies is suddenly a tried and true excuse you actually don’t care about?

What’s funny is you think I’m fighting for some leftist position when I’m fact I’m showing how the philosophies spammed here create loserism.

Yeah you’re blocked.

Imagine fighting so hard to be a deadbeat.

Like I said and keep saying: Loser. 🤦‍♂️

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It’s not about government run or sending children off to school.

It’s the social participation associated with it.

I didn’t understand these replies at first but now I see I’m surrounded by a bunch of deadbeat parents (Edit: Deadbeat parent, it was one guy spamming lol) who send their kids to school as a daycare. So suddenly these perspectives make far more sense.

I love how you went right to these dumbass arguments though:

“My school experience sucked so everyone else’s does”

“I interact far more at work socially because that’s normal”

“My own personal experience as a clearly single male represents that of typical families”

“The context is children and families so work, something which children do all the time is clearly the gotcha answer to this problem.”

I called it loserism early on, all you did was paint THAT picture for me quite clearly.

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There's nothing about any of that which even resembles reality whatsoever.

The only thing Stewart helped create was crappy cynical millenial culture.

MAGA isnt cynical, its a return to traditional values and fundamental government.

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I don't suffer the fools, intentional like you, or not intentional like others.

I get it. You want the left to win. It's ok.

I'm sorry for you that you're that guy, but societal influence is formed through relationships, forced interactions via school are absolutely a critical part of that, the most critical in our society in fact.

Some people in a bad spot maybe should take their kids out, but only if the money travels with their kids.

But doing it on masse to remove our influence would be the path toward real disaster.

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Give me a single example of the average American's involvement in society greater than their children's school and its associated events.

You cant do it.

This is not a false dichotomy because there's really only one dominant issue in terms of societal involvement.

Why do you insist on being ignorant to that fact? To try and be nuanced to win an argument when no such nuance exists?

Yeah sure, you could find me minority examples of people being involved elsewhere. But those would be exactly that, examples which don't represent our effect on society.

Stop being ignorant. Stop being a loser.

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Better than the FBI/Reddit sponsored quarantine zone which is how this place is operating.

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Oh look. A leftist loserism account is calling people names.

“I’m not telling you to remove yourself from society, I’m just telling you to remove yourself from the modern families largest and most impactful interaction with society as a whole.”

Blocked. Yawn.

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They aren’t though.

This is the game. This information has been public for over year.

Massie has personally spoke on it in full session of congress before. Like a year ago.

All of these idiots WANT to pretend to be ignorant.

It’s the same game from almost two decades ago. “I voted for the war but I was tricked”.

Now that these people see the real damage and danger they suddenly are VERY interested in publicly pretending to be ignorant.

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If you’re still advocating for others to minimize their societal profile I say fuck off.

If you want to make that choice based on where you are at that’s fine.

But when you tell others to minimize their profile in society you promote loserism.

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Stop telling others to remove themselves from society loser.

Fight to change the culture.

The effing FBI doesn’t investigate school board parents because they aren’t effective.

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It sounds like it’s one account. I have not seen this and I don’t see a significant Patriot Feont presence here.

I see other shills which aren’t getting banned but whatever. 🤷‍♂️

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“It’s none of your business”.

Just like it was none of their business if I was vaccinated. Or if I was outside. Or if I was going to the grocery store.

Should it be our business that gay sex has caused a public health emergency in New York yet the same public officials who declare those emergencies have not said one thing about gay sex?

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I’m convinced this place only exists to keep people off of Reddit.

Go on Reddit. Engage publicly. Let others see that opposing viewpoints exist.

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I mean this is only going to happen because it justifies the trivial nonsense they are going to charge Trump with and then seal on purpose.

If that happens to Trump he should reveal the charges himself instead of being stupid and listening to a dumbass attorney.

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