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Kids are stupid as a property of being young, the only people you can blame are their parents.

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Next time you see a woman who had a miscarriage tell her she should lighten up because she's alive

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Live in the pod, eat the bugs, stay in the cage. Really helps to be comfortable and content while getting pissed on, great view from below anyway.

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On Monday I am gonna open a bank account.

I will inform the teller I have overwhelming evidence that I am a billionaire, so they should give me a billion dollars into my account immediately.

I won't bother showing any of the evidence, though. Much less deliver any cash to the bank. My words should be plenty!

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Can't believe you guys still don't get it. There is no political or judicial solution to the problem plaguing the entire country.

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One thing I hate about the left is how they put a microscope on, clap for, and congratulate minorities anytime they do anything ordinary that regular people do. Really glad that our mods are so different.

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I genuinely don't give a shit that a bunch of Jews own gigantic media empires.

It is definitely concerning that while jews are ~1% population they make up 98% of the media. But I think the key thing you are missing - what do they do with their power, all day every single day? Many such cases. But it doesn't stop there; higher education and major businesses are completely controlled by them. Jews 40 times more likely to be accepted into higher universities than whites, and Jews hire other Jews almost exclusively with a 40x bias. The only times they hire non-Jews is when they or their children marry other Jews or pay-to-play. Why in the fuck did Bezos donate 1.2 billion to the IDF? Don't ignore their actions - Everything they do here is more harmful to our culture than any gang activity.

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Name them and fame them. Who is it so I can apply?

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At that price you should just make a crypto farm and heat your home with the waste heat.

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The state is all fat unenergetic tranny cops nowdays. If the entirety of the US military can't control a few dozen 80 iq poorly armed rag heads What makes you think they stand a chance against just 10 million of us?

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Yes, that is more than twice as fast as the average. Average 6 person jury takes 85 minutes. A 12 person jury takes over 2 hours.

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You would be wrong, then. Jury taking a long time is usually an indicator of not guilty. Jury going fast is an indicator of guilty.

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To me this is a sign that the jury is pozzed and they are going to give him a guilty verdict.

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No, his life is more valuable than the fat and lazy he would be protecting.

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