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When your mom is also a an cousin

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Libertardians BTFO

You can control a gun, you can't control a pit. Lion tamer's syndrome

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Am I supposed to give a shit about birds now? Because I don't. We have a lot of them. And if anything we are doing the smarter birds a favor by reducing their more stupid competition. Wind is one of the cheapest energy sources we have and it gets cheaper every year, it keeps costs down for everyone.

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Nothing running through his head in that moment, probably thinking about chicken.

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AI generated text. TrollGPT

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Fat is very buoyant.

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Ok, so it is just a group of libertardians being mad they can't sell bad meat.

Meat inspection is mandatory and free and he denied the inspectors access to his farm. The only reason he would do that is if they are going to find something. He is cutting corners and putting people at risk to save a buck.

Enjoy your bovine tuberculosis and other brain-wasting diseases.

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That number is zero because there are no conservatives getting a college education anymore. Everyone has embraced the dumb pill.

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Just tell them it's not allowed, that way they will bring their own.

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Ask your wife, she knows different.

by k-doe1
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Sad to hear she's pushing 250, must be hard on the knees.

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There are hundreds if not thousands of pedes on this website that have all their views in line. Marrying multiple people like trump did is a mistake, having a wrong view on a critical issue is a defect.

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Apparently nobody here knows how to read and didn't understand the implications of your comment.

by wrmevlp
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This is why women should never leave the house- prone to emotional outbursts and incapable of being logical and objective.

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