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What do you mean by changing the subject? Your point was about people being unarmed. My point was that this was because of Trump.

You're trying to defend Trump's actions because he didn't have any solid muscle backing him, but that is his fault: if he had wanted a legion of armed and armored men he could have had one.

It's like saying "it's not that guy'a fault he got hurt so badly in the car crash, he had no seatbelt on".

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The sheep wearing the masks aren't wearing fitted n95 mask

I do, nothing's stopping anyone from getting an N95

and changing them frequently

You really don't need to, I wear mine all day at work and they last me a couple of weeks each

I agree with the doctors who say herd immunity is our best approach

Herd immunity doesn't work with things that quickly form new strains that prior immunity doesn't really help you much against. And even if it did, getting herd immunity requires the great majority of people to have already been infected, which defeats the entire purpose of disease control. It's like trying to fireproof your neighborhood by burning it down because ashes won't catch fire.

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Let's see, massive quantities of unarmed people all gathered into a wide open area.

The whole reason people were unarmed is because Trump hadn't instructed anyone to come armed. If he'd implied "bring guns" then guns would have been brought.

He had years to get ready. Even if you want to overlook that he should have been getting ready to actually defeat the Left since he took office, he had months between November and January. A single properly worded tweet and he could have had an armed and armored People's Army with sky-high morale ready to obey his every word wherever he wanted it doing whatever he wanted it to do in a matter of hours.

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Well of course you should wash masks like the article says - anything you wear on your body you wash or replace regularly. Ideally you're using an N95, which isn't washable, but you can instead just have a few you rotate through.

Dry mouth can happen if you breath through your mouth for an extended period of time, mask or not. Even if you did mouthbreathe in a mask while you popped into the store though, it won't happen during your 30 minute or so shopping time.

These are really really minor things, at best breaking even with something like not catching a cold because someone sick in the grocery store sneezed.

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The entire weight of the Executive

Which he was in charge of for years. A lack of allies there is his fault and his fault alone.


He appointed multiple people to the Supreme Court. Again, a lack of allies here only speaks to incompetence.

the media

Which again he did nothing about. Step 1 of a coup is making plans to seize media outlets. If he'd told supporters to seize them, they would have been seized.


Maybe donating his salary to the Department of Education was a mistake then

the Elites

Depends on who you mean

His own cabinet, especially Mike Pence

Who selected his cabinet? Who picked Mike Pence? This is all a result of his own incompetence

he did his best

He did nothing but fling pointless lawsuit after pointless lawsuit for months. If that's his best facing down what he calls a stolen election then he is truly pathetic, the polar opposite of a worthy leader

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Anti-maskers rarely have any real arguments, only contrarian groupthink. Masks are a good way to avoid getting sick and take like two seconds to put on and take off, no reason not to wear one really

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Time is not on our side. Their claws are getting deeper and deeper into every source of information dissemination and demographics are going more and more in their favor.

It's like the White Russians. Sure, technically they outlasted the Reds...and inherited a broken post-Communist ruin that's nothing compared to what Russia could and should have been if the Reds had been stopped.

The future will be permanently worse if we decide to outlast instead of outfight. We can and should stop them

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A lot of people seem to misunderstand evil's self-defeating nature. Evil spreads its corruption wide long before it spreads it deep enough to destroy itself.

Take the Mongol Empire for instance. Great killers and thieves but bumblingly inept rulers who were never going to hold power permanently. Their downfall was inevitable, but not before they did incalculable damage to vast swaths of the planet.

It's the same with the Left. Yes, they are and always will be terrible at ruling anything and will inevitably lose power. But not before they have absolutely ravaged this entire hemisphere for decades or centuries. Asia and Eastern Europe still haven't really fully healed from the damage the Mongols did, and centuries after the Left has finally lost power the same will be true for North America and Western Europe.

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He needed to absolutely clean house and remove every trace of Leftists from the entire military

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Moral decay is the same as physical decay. If you let the mold grow in just one corner soon it'll cover the whole ceiling

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Don't get cocky. These people couldn't do it by themselves but they don't have to, they are awash with the tax money of their betters. All of us are actively paying with every paycheck we get and sales tax we pay for them to beat us.

They could never create strength, but they have inherited it.

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Even if he does, we've already seen what happens when you have him in office for four years. He'll come, do the same things as last time, leave quietly again, and we'll be in the exact same position + four years of Left-favoring demographic and cultural changes.

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