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I wonder if President Trump understand the Germans of the 1930s were literally fighting the New World Order Rothschild central bankers, the fake news media, the communist Bolsheviks and Antifa?

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That's not our leader.

That's a demon.

Jesus Christ is our Leader.

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Wait until they both realize they now have VAIDS.

What will happen when people like Chuck Schumer, Bill "Maxwell" Gates, Klaus "Rothschild" Schwab, Rochelle "Dancing Israeli" Walensky and our Red Media and Red social media tell them to blame it on global warming rather than the "elites"?

Will they be angry enough to name the elephant in the room?

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That kid's entire face is a nose.

Weird huh?

Also he needs black framed glasses.

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I've PM'd you with some research... in case this thread gets censored by the mods.

Those that fail to learn fro... deleted

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You shouldn't believe everything you see in Hollywood films.

Hollywood sometimes represents treasonous communist criminals who attempted to recreate the Bolshevik Revolution in Germany in 1933... as innocent little girls in red dresses who hide trembling under floorboards.

Hollywood sometimes represents Russian wartime propaganda that was forensically debunked in the 1950s as fact.

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by ekos640
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They really did SHUT IT DOWN - I haven't heard anything from Kanye since his "noticing" happened.

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Clot-shot adverts are the only time white people are represented.

Apart from that, it's all slow-motion Africans dancing to tribal beats or white women with black boyfriends or black children.

And when was the last time you heard music from a white singer in an advert?

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Everything I was to say about the election coup and our government, the Democrat Party leadership, our White House Cabinet and especially our medical institutions will likely be censored for "noticing".

Dear God, I wish we could discuss such critically important issues here.

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Thank goodness this Covid-19 holocaust hoax was the first Bolshevik holocaust hoax we fell for because how embarrassing would it have been if they'd pulled this shit before?

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