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They haven’t been sworn in. Decorum isn’t required by rules yet. Tell Jeffries to sit the fuck down

by wrmevlp
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Barron is a whole head taller than everyone there. Absolute unit

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And even more won’t make it through a Primary challenge.

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He works the table that the runners bring the tally sheets to day and night. Probably just instructions for the next day. Glad to see you are paying attention and there’s a cop right there by him.

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This audit is future-looking. The laws that need to change don't get changed if this audit isn't completed.

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That area is where they tally the votes that the counters counted that day. Can’t be done counting until every sheet is in AKA that person is the last person left.

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Read the second sentence of the article (hint: it says Monday, May 10 which was three days ago).

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Incoming from Trump desk regarding this

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Surprise surprise, McConnell standing up there reading a speech that sounds like it was written by Cryin' Chuck. Fuck that turtle

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The state party went to state court about this during the election but go ahead and concern troll regarding something you don’t know anything about.

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TIL failure Mitt Romney is the most reliable Trump and Republican voting demographic in the US.

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This made my morning. Thank you!

Have you tried Copper Fit?

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Moderator‘s role:

Give liberal talking points for 20 seconds Ask why orange man bad

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What you're referring to is a state/county operation for poll working. We definitely need people doing that. This tweet refers to the "checks and balances" of poll workers which are poll watchers (or poll observers in NC). Your GOP county chair appoints observers and you are trained by the Trump team, so you don't have to worry about a corrupt bureaucrat looking at your voter reg.

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Poll watchers are, by law, allowed to be with the staffers behind the scenes and you better believe the Trump campaign is ensuring that they have eyes in those rooms.

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Poll watchers/challengers/observers (the terminology varies state-by-state) are partisan volunteers who make sure nothing fishy goes on at the polls throughout early voting, absentee ballot processing, and Election Day (and beyond if you're in a state like New Mexico where ballots appear out of nowhere after the vote is counted).

We volunteers are the eyes and ears on the ground and the DefendYourBallot.com / ArmyForTrump campaign is really well-run. You get trained within 20 minutes and you put your availability in and a campaign staffer gets you placed at the polls. I can sit on my ass at home hoping nothing goes wrong, or I can volunteer and actually be a part of the solution. I choose the latter.

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This is the kind of original content I love seeing here. ?

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