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Statistically roughly 20% of the population really are THAT stupid. Who do you think is the main D hardcore base? Normies and moderates don't burn down their own neighborhoods.

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Notice the smart ones took their severance and ran for the hills like the vajayjay lawyer chick and the parog ceo. These are the little fish still wanting to be big fish and willing to keep shilling for the globohomos. No one will care.

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They don't care about the losses. Everyone who runs the company is already very wealthy so if the company is run into the ground they don't give a fuck. The purpose is to destroy the culture and if they can't convert the kids they will simply destroy the company as a giant fuck you to the nation. Thats why leftists are so damaging once they get on the inside because if they can't control it they will destroy it in spite.

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The new disney faggot movie fell on its face and is predicted to lose $100 million. There are many reports of kids asking their parents can we leave I don't like this movie. Also a dog that ~really~ likes to lick things is a prominent character. It's an obviously flaming gay movie aimed directly at flaming gays and will probably be a bestseller on the faggot listings. But normal people feel disgusted by it.

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This is probably a way to get the unvaxed to self identify and give up personal info so they can be tracked and force vaxed later. Or the blood of the vaxed and boosted tastes bad and the demons want some fresh pureblood.

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Well thats whats happening in lawyerland. The globohomos are willing to spend billions if not trillions on lawyers to push their agendas. What are the conservatives offering up? A pat on the back and no support when the loonies and feds come after them?

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Thats because he sits on them.

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I wish them all the luck in the world that they thrive. Competition is always good and it allows a fallback if twitter gets uppity again.

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Plus human nature tends to gravitate the masses towards one or two sources of whatever it is that amuses them or makes something they do easier. There are far too many social media outlets as it is and to get anyone to use them means they have a gimmick. Now that twitter is allowing free speech that takes the gimmick away from many of the new replacements. This is why Trump will stay on TS because he is ~their~ gimmick. Though I think that in the end when the 2024 campaign ramps up he will come back as it would be stupid to not use it.

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Biological clock already rang till she smashed it with a hammer and sickle.

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The entire point of the bill is to be able to take away a churches tax exemption if they refuse to marry a gay couple in a full on religious ceremony. So as soon as this passes the house expect a rash of faggots going after churches like they did the baker who refused to make the dildo covered cake for the faggots.

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They have had over a century to infest every single layer of society and push out everyone but their own kind. DC and big tech and pretty much any major and many minor corps are all completely corrupt so doesn't it make sense that Trump is always surrounded by snakes? Even his own fucking family works against him at times. Trump's message has always been its up to We The People to take back the nation as he stands as a shield to protect us as we going about doing that. The only way to remove the snakes is for US to replace them over time and we went a long way towards that goal these mid terms. Remember that 219 of 235 Trump picks won and we dominated the state and local races. Take back the states and the federal government naturally falls in line because ALL federal power is derived from the states. Think of how powerless the biden admin or even congress would be if all 50 states were ran like florida?

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Isn't Fuentes the one that was talking openly about the white replacement strategy the UN was doing? Is that why he is being labeled a white supreme pizza?

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Yes but again that depends on the law being followed. What happens next is going to be up to Kari and her lawyers and her supporters. This is the time that boots on the ground peacefully protesting is needed.

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They won't get a conviction either if they can prove the fraud and that would come out in discovery. I hope that they change their mind but I doubt it.

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If all 50 states were like florida then this would be over already. Retaking the states is the key and always has been. The national political crap has been to keep us distracted from what they were trying to do in your own backyard and it almost worked. They fucked up by going for too much power with the covid lockdowns. As soon as the normies looked over their kids shoulders and saw teachers on zoom math class with dildos and a tube of lube lecturing about the best way to have anal sex the tables turned.

If the globohomos have made one major mistake in their plans it was prematurely targeting the kids before the parents had been fully conditioned to it. Think if they had the patience to wait just another decade and allow the generation they were corrupting in college to have kids and then started the tranny faggot bullshit on the kids they had. The parents would be clapping along with the kid with the dildo math class. Trump fucked them up bad when he interrupted their obama/hillary one two 16 year plan combo to destroy us but they had no choice but to keep trying to save it and push it on the masses.

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So a singular case from 1974 which does set an important precedent. However you still need a judiciary willing to take the case or rule on it without ideology being injected. I guess thats my point that in the current environment as long as they can get their candidate sworn in they are willing to do pretty much anything even obviously corrupt things to ensure nothing gets in the way of that swearing in.

The good news is that each election its less and less effective. These mid terms proved it because 219 of 235 Trump picks won along with countess other state and local seats going red. It really was a red wave in the places where it was needed most but because the lions share was due to Trump and the winning candidates mostly maga our own bought and paid for 'conservative' media refused to report on it due to their rampant Trump hate boner.

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I firmly believe that only by dragging the majority of people to the very edge of the abyss and making them take a long hard look into the inky depths will they rouse themselves into changing. It's always been human nature to deny reality until it bites us collectively on the ass. Well we are right about there and think of it this way. By the time the 2024 elections come around the suffering will have been real enough for people to not only want expansive change but be screaming for heads on a platter. Trump will get reelected and the optics will finally be there to allow him to open up the gitmo express to cheering crowds. He couldn't do that during his first term because at least half the nation would have been firmly against it and a smaller portion of the antifa types would have been rolled out for 2020 type riots. Two more years of biden? Yeah..

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At what level and when? I'm talking about critical leadership positions and current events.

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The democrats are no longer in power though. They lost the house and may lose the senate so now biden is a lame duck president with two years left and the trend shows they will lose the senate completely and the oval office in 2024. Granted biden can do much damage with EO but that was his main line of attack anyways. So the order of business now is to burn it all down around them as they exit stage left and appease their globohomo and chinese masters as they flee. If you look up ceo and other leadership positions they are fleeing the country in job lots liquidating their assets and running for the hills. You know the ship is sinking if the rats are jumping the rails into the sea.

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The problem is that after certification you can't really change the outcome after they are sworn in so now there is a very narrow window to act and there will be no way a legal challenge can make it to the end before the swearing in. Thats why they went balls to the walls to make sure nothing was done about the 2020 election until after biden was sworn in. When that happened all of a sudden courts were willing to take fraud cases as long as Trump wasn't a signatory because it didn't matter anymore.

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If they really do go on strike then shit is going to hit the fan. Rail transport is even more important in some areas than over the road trucking since much of what they haul has been transported to a central site via rail. Get to the store asap and stock up on the essentials before people in general catch on and make a run and prices skyrocket and stock goes on limited purchase.

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I've been mulling over making a cartoon meme detailing this out. Basically a comic style series with the first pane showing the blm/wntifa/pride symbol covered degenerate street soldiers tossing molotovs and bricks to their right at baton wielding riot police with American flag shoulder patches. Second pane is them driving off the riot police killing a few and winning the war. Third pane is the degenerates celebrating their victory stomping on the dead and burning the American flag and waving a huge pride flag. Fourth pane is a scene flip to armed riot police showing up from the left with blm and pride patches with the former degenerate soldiers looking at them in surprise. Fifth pane are the armed riot police machinegunning them all into of a trench.

Think that would be allowed on twitter? Might have to test Elon's new policies.

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Because its all backfiring and didn't sway the mid terms. All of the crazy insanity was supposed to energize their base and it didn't work. So now that these nutcases are a full on liability it will be time to purge them like every useful idiot gets purged when the state no longer finds them useful. Thats the morbidly funny part. The useful idiots all think they will be the new elites but end up being some of the very first groups up against the wall once the revolution is successful.

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