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It's why we call it clown world after all.

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The story of fauci funding virus research that tortured dogs as part of the experiments?

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They are also blocking people who tag or post the story to them.

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Peta is blocking anyone tagging them or posting on their site with this story. Another bunch of commie degenerates.

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So you ~do~ think the muzzies are not an issue. Fuck off shill. We hate all forms of goblins here.

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Why not both? Plenty of people call out the joos so why does Tommy have to do it too? Or are you saying its only the joos and not the muzzies too?

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This is why massive voter turnout is key to beating this ~along~ with voter reform and securing the elections with voter id. They were forced to cheat so hard and so obviously to beat Trump in 2020 because of the massive turnout. If turnout had been any less then the dominion fraud would have been enough and we would never have had a clue that it happened after they changed the data around.

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Yes those align with the early spike protein production. But the guy in the tweet was describing the long term effects after your immune system become activated towards it. The overreaction causes basically the same damage to your body as ebola since the immune reaction is identical. The key though is that the ebola like results only happen with a booster shot ~after~ your immune system kicks in and it takes up to a week or so for it to fully manifest. If what this guy is saying is true thats how they plan to kill billions by getting enough people immune system primed then a custom booster shot will be made that triggers it. Good lord man and they say that up to 5 billion have been vaxed around the world so far..

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Automation can do most of the work in this modern world and the only reason its not been mass introduced is the economic impact of loosing billions of jobs. Reduce the planetary population down to under a billion and those concerns go away. If you have ever seen the hunger games movies this is the future they want for the planet. A handful of super high tech mega cities filled with the trannies and elites that are supported by a small work force of peons to do the labor that still needs human hands. The movies only touch on this but the books spell it all out clearly.

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The process he describes is very much the outcome of getting ebola in that an ebola victim will basically internally dissolve themselves using their own out of control immune system reaction to the virus.

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These are the kids you used to pick on in school but now they have been given the power by the elites to get their revenge. The level of psyop going on by the puppet masters is unreal..

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Thats lindsey and pete on the sea horses. The perfect gay couple.

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The truth also is,

It it wasn't for Trump 'losing' in 2020,

Americans Never would have know just how dirty EVERYFUCKINGONE in government and corporations and media are.

Am I right?

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They will pretend until its time to start cutting throats. But yes a true devout muslim is no ones friend ever.

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All these ceo are kiddy fiddlers and criminals and traitors so they do whatever their masters who have the dirt on them tell them to do. The only saving grace is that Trump winning in 2016 busted their narrative and now they have to go all out in the open light instead of slinking around in the shadows and its hurting them badly. Demons don't like the sun.

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Nope, still happening but we are not close enough to the mid terms to start highlighting them again. It's gonna be nasty these mid terms because they will amp the violence up to even greater levels in a bid to not lose the house and senate.

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But he wasn't arrested over his exposure of the corruption. He was jailed and charged for violating a gag order before he was set to testify. Context matters and he walked right into it.

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The only reason he was arrested was because he violated a gag order not because of his original posting about the corruption. He walked right into it.

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Well ben doesn't want the goyim to wake up and take back the power any more than the commies in the end.

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