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Many of the ones who followed this shit did it not because they were evil libtards but genuinely nice and caring people. They got scammed by the mockingbird media and all the so called trusted 'experts' on them feeding them lie after lie and shaming them with false history.

I mean even to this day many of the people I know that support Trump and think there is a deep state and globalists still think the baby killing and raping and other degeneracy is just isolated and blown out of proportion.

But this is changing because you can only fool people for so long if they are not willingly going along and sadly for the majority it takes shit being literally smeared into their face before they notice.

Well that shit has been getting smeared on more and more of the 'good people' as the Ds and globohomos get ever more desperate to hold onto power and start shitting on their former allies because those allies are now starting to ask uncomfortable questions.

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Most of the french I see are fat or at least filled out. Maybe some of the young are skinny.

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It's what they do. In cali if a latino or hispanic commits a crime they are put down as white. If they are the victim of a crime then they are listed as their race. So if a mexican kills another mexican then it was white on mexican violence. It's also why they stopped noting the race of criminals because people found out and were pitching a bitch.

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One of the first things I noticed about all the 'riot' police in the eu and canada is that near every single one of them had a face mask and tinted goggles or visor with full body coverings including the hands. Also they all seems to be of a specific body type. Tall and skinny like an african illegal migrant.

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Now think back to all those agencies under obama who were buying up ammo and guns by the millions? Purchase guns and ammo then stash away for when they want to arm the illegals and let them loose upon the nation.

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Externally to us sure. But internally there is a massive turf war going on and if it wasn't for that ongoing turf war they would have squashed us long ago in a united front.

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Uniparty is the D and R establishment though. This dude is part of the commie internal rebellion going on with the D side who is trying to bring down everyone else.

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Yep. Slap on the wrist most likely to get him out of the public eye then he will be replaced by another stooge.

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Until they get the desired population reduction result. They are going full out now with no fucks to give nor cares if they are exposed. They know that it will take years or even decades to stop what they are doing legally and they don't need decades at this point. I mean what do they have to lose? They ~must~ win and stay in power and achieve their goals because losing means jail or death at this point. There is no slinking back into the shadows for them now like they used to do when things became too hot for them. Trump has ensured that by forcing them to fully take off their masks to the world to defeat him. We are well and truly into the final fight.

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It was to stop the vote on a bill that was unfavorable to the D's and uniparty but was predicted to pass. Didn't work they just moved the vote to another building. This guy is a moron and there is no way they can save him with this evidence being immediately made public. Wouldn't surprise me if it was a planned distraction sacrificing a useful idiot to get the focus off the impeachment hearings and onto something, anything else.

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Notice his name has quickly dropped off the radar with all these fresh stupidities to distract from it. Thats the problem of dealing with clown world. It has no limits as long as you let the clowns get away with it.

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Notice that all the off the wall attacks and stunts are being pulled by the bipoc members. This is by design so that when they are called out for their stupidity they can pull the race card.

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How when 'looters are shot on sight' is the standing law in most states? Trump has the money and legal firepower to fight bullshit like this and why it never sticks.

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Understand those rules are only meant to open up housing for the illegals. Remember that blacks are no longer a protected class and the D's are doing everything in their power to not only replace them but also drive them into an open race war and pit the rest of the country against them. The no bail and no convictions for the violent criminals is meant to drive the black ghetto community into open warfare against ~everyone~. We are entering the end game now.

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The fastest way to deport is to cut off the flow of money allowing them to live here like kings and still send a shit ton of money home to the family. Each adult and child gets $2200 a month free money to spend how they want and they also get free everything else. Free food free bill pay free homes free everything. They have no job skills typically little to no education and can't speak english. Turn off the money and they sell off their ill gotten goods and flee back home to live like kings the rest of their lives off the conversion rate.

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The acting governor has already banned the corrupt appointees the fake governor put in from attending any meetings or having any power. Seems an odd thing to do if she is only going to be acting gov for a day. No explanation yet either for why they bailed and went to ground.

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Its more in the choices given for the vote. No matter who you choose they are going to be commies.

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This shit won't go past the city borders. They tried to do that back in 2019~2020 and every single time blm/antifa/wankers showed up outside of their protected areas the local population literally beat them senseless with the cops and sheriffs looking on in amusement.

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Yeah it was a general riot of looters who hit multiple stores across a wide area.

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This is fodder for the media machine. Now they can say 'OMG TRUMP GUILTY!!!!!!!' but not tell how its actually a civil case with no legal standing or even repercussions. This is just them them waggling their fingers at the end of their nose at Trump for all the actual damage it will do. His lawyers will appeal it and win easily.

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