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Then I don't know. Good luck finding out though.

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I thought it needed more refining because of emission laws. Could be wrong though.

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The pic has been cropped. The mom is leaning way ti the right.

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You read my post and that's what you got from it?

Yikes. It's not a theology to point out where the RCC operates in contradiction to Scripture.

Ya dig?

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1- You don't need Mary for intercession. The Bible tells us that Jesus is our interceesor.

2-Same point as above.

3g Hes referring to transubstaniation. Where catholics re-sacrifice Jesus during mass in direct opposition to Scripture. (One sacrifice for all)

4- There is no purgatory. This is a cover for indulgences, which is why the Reformation happened in the 16th century.

5- Jesus wasn't referring to Peter. He was referring to himself. Peter was never recognized by the other Apostles or Jesus as the 'primary apostle'.

6- The Bible does say to confess your sins. But no man can forgive them.

7- Works does not save. Ephesians 2. Works based salvation is a heresy and cannot save.

8- This is a new one for me.

9- No one is in heaven yet. No one is in hell yet. This is shown in revelation. The Bible doesn't tell us to pray to anyone other than God.

10- Again, Jesus was referring to himself, not Peter. (Can we lol @ building a whole system on a misunderstanding of the text?)

11- He is referring to the incorrect belief of Sola Ecclesia verses the correct belief of Sola Scriptura.

You don't need the RCC for anything, and they profess a different Gospel which we were warned about.

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God is good. Thanks for the story pede. You have a great journey to take with your friend. Keep us updated!

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Excellent choice in books as well.

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Well...... That would make a statement for sure.

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That's exactly what I was thinking. If they can do it, so can I.

Thanks pede. I'll look up the ordinances now.

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