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She ate him , the one we see is just a Hologram.

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They already put a fence around the Federal Reserve Bank in DC, and the INFLATION fire is already lit.

Try not to get burnt too badly as ALL Currency is consumed .

There will be no winners , only survivors.

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Is that smell bad meat , or good chesse ?

Satire/sarcasm on line is a magic trick / passive aggressive way of avoiding ownership of a clear statement. If dislikes arise ........."it was a joke"

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive.”

―Sir Walter Scott

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The more you know , the more you know you don't know.

The Gregorian Chant , Aramaic or Greek mass : after all all atoms thus cells are just energy which present as cycles /waves would be like wireless charging.

Mysticism just another Rabbit hole to chase down..............problem is the psychopathic Rulers ( Demi-Gods) keep wanting to use everything for their own evil purposes instead of good. And abuse children along the way.

Vlad-the -Impaler had the correct idea.

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No virus is going to get my "currency".


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Hang in.......................Electricity going off soon anyway.

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Stiff competition.....................they haven't even been implicated in any murders that I am aware of.

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As they should.......................Can Texas do Better ?

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We all have our own FAKE NEWS CROSSES to bear.

All the World is a stage , and all the Rulers just players in their own tragedy. They just keep insisting the rest of us play, while they change and lie about the script.

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No criticism was implied.

I just stated fact. Your insecurity popped out.

Sarcasm and Humor in general is often a ruse to avoid ownership of opinion if it is opposed by others. Just think to yourself-- Fuckum.

Ginsberg will probably use a similar passive/ aggressive Trick to get out of own his comment as well , if he figures out his own stupidity.

Thus when sarcasm is a primary goal , I believe the following quote applies: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive.”

―Sir Walter Scott

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Eat ze Soylent.............Damn dirty apes

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Now you sound like Ginsberg after he figures out what he said.

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Vasopressin for ALL in prisons. Less diabetic issues , less aggressiveness , maybe a few extra strokes . Win -Win- Win

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Need something to hide the COLLAPSING ponzi Central Bank Monetary System.

Flying MonkeyPox- 19 just ain't gonna cover it.

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