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Such trashy people. Hurts the eyes to look at them

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Your a sick fuck. go fuck yourself

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u/-f-b-i- do you know this person? They literally have a newer account , trying hard to act like I'm a "glowie" this person is suspicious as fuck now that I saw the account is rather new and giving me a hard time for no reason.

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I have to admit. I looked up the old account it was more than 300k. Really sucks. I tried like 25 more times. No luck. I honestly think I had my phone create a randomized "Comcast router" type password..... I'm fucked lol

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Okay, we round up the offspring. Thanks for the advice.

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Wake up, drink some coffee. Oz is WEF and suspicious as fuck

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The people of Wisconsin have chosen to not Fight, not be Angry enough, not Protest enough. Wisconsin has Fallen

The Fraud became too great

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Holy shit. The Wisconsin sherrifs should have done something. Turns out they were all talk?

Crazy to know the elections in Wisconsin are corrupt. So sad. R.I.P. Wisconsin

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When people are raped and murdered now, the solution is to harass and insult the family's. For not supporting the side of law and order. They asked for rapists and murderers they should be reminded this happened to them because of their liberal views and disregard for the laws of the land

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The only solution is to send more money, gold, jewlery and our social security checks, also our strategic oil.reserves

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It's incredible they turned on the people It's amazing.
They get our tax dollars as salary and work against us!

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I really hope so to.

But when I think about Dr Oz. It makes me thing Trump hasn't learned to avoid THE SNAKES

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Every inch of this government is corrupt. I understand why everyone wants a civil.war. I can't blame them at all..

Let's avoid that, take this country back, and give out 100,000 - 1,000,000 death penalties. And fast track them.

If you are a corrupt politician and have contributed to the delinquency of the United States, that should be the Death Penalty.

They should put this live on TV also.

This might be the best way to stop corruption. It would send a strong message. When corrupt government employees and politicians who have taken oaths get the death penalty.

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Trolls on this site downvoting..... It's Friday

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You are obviously a Fag and you were molested . You just outed yourself

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He's great at debating high school and college freshman , he's the best! 😆 🤣

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He is a total and complete fucking Fag

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