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LA: I bet I can drive all productive members of society from my borders by 2030.

NYC: Hold my beer.

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Thankfully, those parents lives will themselves be shortened, so at least they won't have to watch their kids suffer for decades, just the next 3-5 years.

The kids who are 16 or so and younger, kids who had no choice and will have to suffer for the next 30-40 years for their parents virtue signaling, that's who I reserve my thoughts and prayers for.

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This is why they wanted Obamacare / Singlepayer.

If the doctors don't get paid unless it is from the Gov't, and the gov't determines who is eligible to receive a certain level of care. you will not even get to see a waiting room of a doctor for a regular physical, dentist for a cavity, oncologist, ER resident for a stab wound, unless you meet their requirements.

Are you vax'd? (uh oh, you could possibly give a disease you do not have to someone who is protected, how dare you step foot inside a hospital).

Do you have the right income (as in is your income too high? in that case you have to wait for all the poor people to get treatment first)

Are you White? (if so, you have to wait until every single non-white person is treated first)

Are you a man? (you might as well just turn around and delete yourself rather than expect treatment)

Are you over 50? (good luck, your too expensive to keep alive any more, you get some if there are leftovers).

Are you a illegal, brown, non-citizen, who just crossed the border last week, no money, no insurance, can't speak a word of English and need emergency, high-risk, very expensive treatment from multiple specialists and a lengthy and extremely costly hospital stay and rehab, while taking up space for 5 other patients because you are also not treated or vaccinated for and test positive for all of the following : TB, Herpes, AIDS, Pneumonia and sickle cell anemia and you also have the Shanghai Shivers? Absolutely, step right up to the front of the line, this is our concierge doctor service, they will take care of everything for you. Free of charge to you of course.

Think I'm exaggerating? People also thought gay marriage wouldn't end up with half-naked tranny's with rainbow dildos hanging out doing children's story hours in elementary schools either.

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You would think, that given we are right in the middle of a global pandemic the likes of which the world has never seen before, along with massive winter storms blanketing the nation; continuing supply chain shortages, record unemployment, record inflation; highest prices for natural gas, propane, diesel, heating oil, gas, etc. in over a decade or more; North Korea rattling it's nuclear missile sabre, Russia and China gleefully plotting how to split up the world after the big guy hands it to them on a silver platter, Taiwan and Japan getting ready to go toe to toe against China in what could be the biggest David vs. Goliath showdown since the 6 day war in the middle east....

Sure, go ahead and just stay in your basement Joe , there is absolutely nothing you should be addressing to the American public.

There is not a single global crisis or emergency that you should be reassuring the citizens of this country that you have in hand and under control or providing updates about.

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It's almost like firing the few people that are willing to come in to do the job, in order to appease a group of people that largely refuse to work, didn't work out so well for Starbucks.

Huh....I couldn't have seen that coming.

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Here ya go: It's also totally on-brand for China to just start killing other peoples stuff and hope it all works out for China.

Never buy anything pet, animal or child toy related from China. The amount of lead, arsenic, heavy metals, formaldehyde, etc. that has been found in products from China that is meant for domestic animals, farm animals, pets, etc. is absurd.

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I love how they just can't help parroting the line about "it would be so much worse without the vaccine, but the vaccine still can't really do anything about Omicron" or "despite the 4th boosters tremendous effects to raise antibody levels, it still doesn't do what we keep saying it is supposed to against Omicron".

I just keep asking friends and family, "If it's a good vaccine, why doesn't it vaccinate good?".

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I'm just gonna go ahead and say "Is anyone truly shocked or surprised?" .

At this point, I would be more amazed to see a politician or anyone related to a politician be an actual decent human being.

They don't even have to be a super conservative or politician or activist for causes that I personally care about. Hell, they can even vigorously disagree with all of my positions.

How about someone who just isn't a complete pile of whale shit?

The entire Biden clan, from himself, his grifting 'wife', his son, his brother, his brothers wife, his son's wife, his daughter. I mean come on, this is a literal crime family that is so stupid they still only measure their wealth in tens of millions.

Kamala....literal cock sucker and adulteress

Kamala's family....proven descendants of literal slave owners, who demand taxpayer compensation be paid to POC for the crimes of slave owners....

Pelosi's entire family, both blood and non-blood relations. Entire books could be written. Entire departments of the SEC should be dedicated to investigating/prosecuting that whole extended family.

Everyone that is related either by birth or marriage to Big Mike.

The Schumer's, do I even need to explain myself here?

The entire Bush crime family.

The Cheney's.



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Double check for yourself, but I am almost 100% sure that fully remote / teleworkers that do not go in to an actual office are exempt from the new OSHA mandate. Any employer who says teleworkers have to be stabbed because of OSHA is lying to you.

For the simple reason that if you do not go on site or in to an actual office, you are not subject to either being exposed to any harmful 'pathogens' at the job site, or exposing anyone else to any pathogens you may be carrying since you are not there. Their entire argument is that this is for the safety of workers while they are at the job location w/ other employees.

I made this argument to my employer several months ago. I work nearly 100% remotely. I never actually come into contact or even share the same room with anyone even the few times a quarter I do go into the office. When I do go to the office, there is roughly 5 people, spread out over a 30k sq foot, three floor building that comfortably held 200 people in Dec 2019.

Give me the rationale of making me follow a mandate that is meant for people that are in the office sitting next to coworkers every day? How EXACTLY does it make sense. They couldn't do it.

That being said, I also told them that I will never take the stab, so they can do what they've got to do, and I've got to do what I've got to do, every action has consequences. So far, so good, but I am preparing for that shoe to fall as well.

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If you want to take a look at the law of unintended consequences and mutated societal structure even when a society is given everything it wants or needs, just look up the "Mouse Utopia Experiments". It was literally a study of what happens inside a Mouse Socialism Utopia.

There is a video that goes into in depth on youtube from Fredrick Knudson. TLDR; a bunch of rats in a large complex of cages, nesting areas, food/common areas, etc. with all the food, water, nesting areas, etc. that they could ever want or need.

The rats eventually turned cannibalistic, weird sexual fetishes developed, societal caste system formed, mothers ate their young or just abandoned them to be abused/eaten by others, breeding and reproduction slowed to almost a complete standstill, what little social interaction that did happen was hostile, sexual and sadomasochistic in nature.

That all happened within just two or three generations if I remember correctly. And the scientists didn't do anything to provoke these behaviors other than keep shoveling in food and water and cleaning the cages. It's not like they were starving or torturing the rats or giving them some weird chemical cocktail.

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Huh, it's weird how these heart conditions just slip in there all Unsuspected, Undetected and Sudden like so recently....

You're doing the lords work with these compilations.

Keep up the great work.

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I view theoretical Socialism the same way I view theoretical Libertarianism.

Nice concepts, from a philosophical perspective, as long as every single person is a perfect little snowflake, and nothing ever happens to disrupt utopia.

Once human nature is allowed to kick in, all bets are off and the weaknesses of both Socialism and Libertarianism are exposed and the system will fall apart.

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Holy fuck.

The "11th shot is the the one" or "it's your 13th dose and you're finally fully vaxed, what are you going to do now?" memes were funny and everything, but I didn't expect Canada to literally turn our memes into reality.

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Most of the cheapest food, prepared/boxed/frozen/canned/instant , shouldn't even really be classified as food. It should be considered at best, useless and empty calories...at worst, literal poison.

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Review all recent pictures of any FBI, DOJ, ATF, DEA agents out in public in their 'daily work attire' or when they are dressed up for their 'work picnics' and dress to match.

I also recommend growing a short term Fester the Molester style mustache, 70's style short shorts, and some fake aviator mirrored sunglasses for the cherry on top.

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Most chip bags will work in a pinch as well.

The metalized coating on the bag works like aluminum foil.

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Subheadline: "while most health workers are vaccinated, many are still falling sick"

Ummmmmm.....I thought the entire purpose of the vaccines was to prevent people from getting sick? That's what I've been told by politicians, health care workers, scientists, the CDC, the NIH, the current WH Resident, cabinet members, co-workers, managers, the MSM, hospitals, etc. contantly for the past 18 months.

How can it be that healthcare workers, who are all fully immunized at this point if they are still employed, are getting infected with the shanghai shivers ?

Anyway, if they are vaccinated, even if they get infected, they can't transmit that to other peop....oh, wait, that changed too? So infected people can still infect other people, even if both people are fully vaccinated...ummmm....?!?!

But at least no one who is infected, who is fully vaccinated, ever needs to go to the hospital, so that is just not a prob....oh, so fully vax'd people are being admitted to the hospital in record numbers? huh...that's weird.

Wait, and fully vax'd people are DYING now ?!?!?!

Methinks either the vaccine doesn't work, or someone has been lying to me , or both.

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The moment that Sanborn or any other FBI/DOJ stooge says something like "I can't answer that" , the immediate response should be "Your answer is invalid. You, a bureaucrat who is paid a not inconsiderable income and benefits at taxpayer expense, doesn't decide what questions you do you do not answer to a member of either the House or Senate. Try again."

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Or huffing and puffing just walking on flat pavement for 50 yards.

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Fauci 20 seconds ago - reports of deaths by car accident are being mis-represented as 'vax injuries'.

Fauci all of 2020 and 2021 - if you get killed in a car accident 17 days after testing positive for the coof, then it is a legit 'caused by wuflu' death.

Get fucked you hypocritical pieces of shit.

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If they are a licensed realtor, which to work for a broker I am pretty sure you have to be, there are certain laws and regulations they have to follow.

It's been awhile, but I am pretty sure they have to disclose pretty much everything....the problem I believe is that you have to ask first.

I don't think they have to come right out and say "Hi there, my name is Ken, we have a beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath, recently fully remodeled kitchen....oh yeah, and this property and every other property on this street was severely flooded 2 years ago because we are on a massive flood plain....wait, where are you going so fast..."

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I actually chortled so loud I drew looks. Well done sir.

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You mean that consuming mass quantities of MSM and state sponsored programming, along with social media; which are all engineered to be invasive, addictive, intrusive and negatively effect intelligence; through their constant electronic companions 24x7x365, has a negative impact on intelligence and critical thinking skills?


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That is already part of their employee code of conduct.

Basically you cannot wear or put anything on that Whole Foods does not give you as part of your uniform while you are working at Whole Foods.

They do not specifically single out BLM, which the headline and 'reporting' of the article buries until about 80% of the way down the article.

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