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that thigh is bigger than a 3 year old

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It has become increasing transparent to me that Trump is simply putting himself into situations to expose government corruption. His silence on social media let them go off on tangents before he emerged on the third day.

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what a nice thing to say :) thank you

feel free to scroll through my post history - I have a few other essays that I've spent some time on

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people instinctively know it - it's why range anxiety is such a common term

the world has gone mad

if (almost) anything is repeated enough times on the TV, people will suspend their common sense to believe it

once they believe it, you are a threat for not believing it

I'm convinced this is just another step for setting people into crippling debt to go along with their insanely priced mortgage

the scary part to me isn't that our country can be buried into the ground so fast - it's that so many citizens are cheering it on thinking they are defeating evil

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Funny but fake but still funny and kinda true lol

the medication part was 😘🤏

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Looks to be legit - no reason given or time frame established for what temporary is though

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from my understanding of the y2k event, it wasn't about replacing computers - it was about converting software and databases to an updated date variable and ensuring that legacy data was properly imported into the updated data formats

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I do most of my own repairs an maintenance, but I see your point. I have priced out transmissions and in general they are a hell of a lot cheaper than buying another car that will need the same thing.

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I do but it looks like a terrible investment

my 10 year old ride has been taken care of well and has bluetooth - I don't really see a reason to upgrade

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Wife works with a lot of surgeons and nurses that were mandated on the first two shots but not the rest. She hasn't seen anything happening. I'm convinced certain areas either received hot doses, or they were testing a bunch of different concoctions to see what happened.

*typo - was watching a video while typing

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the rules of stealing are bent when you can beat the ever living shit out of the guy who would come to arrest you lol

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laws work against citizens nowadays

I'll change my mind when an illegal gets charged for this

they will just fudge test results and drain 401Ks from individuals with this, and then when the pay stops they will say "oops he only makes 2 bucks an hour in prison"

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