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Looks like an Australian Shepherd mix?

We have one but we knew what we were getting into going in.

They need a constant outlet for their energy. They use their paws like hands and get into everything.

It does get better. Boys take longer than girls (I know, not the news you were hoping to hear) and if they make it to 24 months, they learn to manage their energy and mischief greatly, becoming the best dog a family could own.

The trick with training is consistency, and the approach will vary depending on whether they're toy or food-motivated.

Herding breeds MUST have a job to keep them occupied, and agility / obedience training is worth every penny if you follow the regimen.

I promise you, there's a great dog in there...Even if you can't see him from here!

If you haven't begun crate-training him, the window is closing fast on that! It's worth the investment, and will spare your chickens some terror.

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Well, if the gloves come off with the French police and military, it will be very telling.

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Not a doomer, by any means...I think he runs away with it even if the indictments stick, I just think the swamp is going to do everything possible in lawfare to sideline him.

Five flags in my neighborhood hanging distressed today. People are PISSED.

I believe it was a miscalculation by the regime.

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Wish I could agree.

This one was the hail mary... Then GA will weigh in on theirs...Also a hail mary. Then the Special Counsel will pull the deep state playbook on federal charges and he'll have to deal with the DC judicial malpractice machine.

His dance card is full, and it's all designed to keep him from campaigning.

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"By my works, you shall know me."

May the weekend news cycle be eventful.

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If lawfare fails to take him out, what's to keep them from just plain taking him out?

All the FBI has to do is activate another Hodgkinson.

Regardless, the regime has overplayed its hand...Already, even if they do nothing else.

I believe this (election cycle and the political OR literal martyrdom of Trump) could be the catalyzing event that "radicalizes" a nation.

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Here's hoping!

Reminder: If you're feeling raw about this and your personal red line has been crossed, do NOT telegraph it online.

Do NOT walk into any fed traps.

Remember...ALL politics are local.

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The national cold war is dead. Long live the hot war, I guess.

Think about how angry you are as a rational and discerning person, and now imagine how furious the edge of the bell curve is.

I normally go into a weekend thinking nobody's going to start nothin'.

I'm going into this weekend expecting the opposite.

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The conclusions of the Tweeter may be.

Are you saying the footage was altered, misinterpreted, or already debunked?

I'm not interested in perpetuating FUD, so if it's fake, I'll delete the post.

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Simply retweeting that image without comment got my Twitter account locked.

So much for Musk's Twitter.

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Gays don't bother me unless they're shoving their lifestyle in my face, but I'm a mistransthrope.

I'm not afraid of them, I view them as defective humans.

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I think PV dying was the plan all along...They just thought O'Keefe would go quietly into the night, defeated.

Get knocked down nine times, get back up ten...For O'Keefe, it was just a temporary setback at best.

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Woke shit wasn't the Dems IMHO...It was the globalists controlling the uniparty. This has always been designed to bring about the great reset.

There' s no other way to explain the same clown world bullshit infiltrating every western government.

Trump was just a speedbump.

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Some things are worth going to jail for. Beating this guy unconscious would certainly qualify.

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The claim remanded back is Signature Verification.

This is a win, no matter how you slice it. Lower courts wouldn't even hear it before, and now the State is in the hot seat.

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There really isn't a Constitutional remedy left here, save the SCOTUS.

And even there, at the very least Roberts is compromised.

I know a lot of folks are frustrated that there hasn't been an uprising yet, but I think a lot of cooler heads needed to know that there simply wasn't a process path forward before crossing that Rubicon.

That conclusion is sadly becoming more inevitable every minute.

-The Kari Lake case in AZ

-The 41000 hours of J6 footage

-The bullshit lawfare designed to undermine a presidential candidate

-The bank bailout

-The Ukraine money pit

-The whole trans shitshow

All of the insult added to injury after the theft of 2020 is reaching a boiling point, and I can't help but believe it's by design.

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Not gonna lie, my mind went someplace else entirely...

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DJT is such a chad, he made the hooker pay for sex.

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