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Lindell’s cyber symposium got almost totally destroyed by DDoS. I think I heard someone say that when they analyzed the sheer size/rate of the attack... the conclusion was it was so massive it had to have been perpetrated by a government or a very large corporation just because there’s no one else with the resources capable of it

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Complaining about gas prices IS literal white supremacy. Just stop.

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You ran a corpse for president and covered it up when they cheated to win. Now you’re suffering the consequences. Take it, you faggot traitors.

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Seems to me they were recorded during the steal and most of the tapes were erased. At least in GA. I mean it's not like violating federal law has any consequences.

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What the hell is with the facial hair. I mean, if you’re going to do this, commit. Agghh, my EYES.

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Faggot cunt is 36 And has homes in Berkeley, NYC and, of course....London. WEF “Young global leader”....All that hard work must have really paid off. Soulless POS.

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I would really like to hear what the reactions were from the leftist parents of the girls he beat.

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We do NOT have any decent candidates to primary Crapo though, which pisses me the hell off. at least not any that have gained any traction.

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No, the enemy basically made it impossible for her to get a job for a long time. Constant barrage of death threats, etc. Reputation destruction. You know, the usual Democrat behavior toward anyone who attempts to expose them or threatens their power.

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Forcing medical experiments on children, resulting in the deaths of some of the children. I’M PRETTY SURE WE USED TO CALL THAT CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

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When the left is wrong, they just collectively alter reality and the past until they feel like they’re right again. No problem.

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Poor girl’s life got destroyed for speaking the truth, imagine how many more there are who saw what she saw but are too pussy to speak up. Fake, regime-aligned “journalists” have blood on their hands because of what they did to these people.

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Yeah, and now they’re not letting pureblood truckers across the Canadian border

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Hoarding it is understandable. We had to order ours from Peru(?) and the company had to recently get clever with their labeling because the faggot gestapo started seizing shipments at customs.

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I know this sounds far fetched but I really believe the EU will become a superstate and beat China into submission. US will just become irrelevant as communists and trannies continue to degrade and destroy our military and institutions. We’ll see... but that’s where my money is

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