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This piece of human filth is not unique or an anomaly. This is how people in our federal government think.

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the USA Gymnastics case should have been the nail in the coffin. Dissolve the entire rotten FBI and the country would be 1000x better and safer for it

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It’s typical, especially for the gay ones. These POS likely all have some relationship with the FBI and if they’re doing this type of informant work, or if they’re agents of course they’re going to be working out regularly.

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The gloves needed to come off a long time ago. 95% of congressional Republicans are playing by a 20 year old rule book.

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East coast Ivy League goons. Human scum. I know because I have a brother in law who is one and looks identical to these faggots.

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Yeah. The way our federal government is behaving is textbook authoritarian repression of opposition.

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The real reason is that DC is already blue. They ship them to red and purple states. Same with the southern border invasion. We all know that it's deliberate, and no one is doing a damned thing about it because they're cowards who are afraid of being called a wHiTe NaTiOnALiSt.

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Because it’s not about health. And it’s not about helping people.

Its about power.

How much more proof do you need?

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Absolutely nothing is decided on facts anymore. Cases such as this are determined entirely by one thing: whether those who have the power to hold him accountable are Democrats.

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I have had my kids in 2 different private Christian schools affiliated with local Evangelical churches. Both had solid curriculums free of leftist garbage and racism. The schools are out there, you have to vet them; especially the staff.

Eta: I’m in a deep red state. If you are behind the Blue Curtain, especially in the Northeast, it may be that Catholic schools are the only Christian schools in your area that fit this description.

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The funny thing is that usually people such as her don't ever think they would be either. They just suddenly find themselves dumbfounded and disturbed by the sheer blindness of the sea of NPC 'tRuSt ThE sCiEnCe' drones they're surrounded by.

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This may be correct. Posobiec has been saying for over a week that some massive leaks are about to start coming out of the intelligence community as retribution for Afghanistan.

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“We have people at the top.”

They are, and they know that we know they are. If you so much as think about doing anything about it, you’re a violent insurrectionist and a white supremacist terrorist.

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I don’t pretend to know the future but I do know that once you see what’s going on with our elections you can’t unsee it, and people are not going to go back to sleep and continue to be screwed in the ass by globalist tyrants. I believe in American Exceptionalism. I refuse to become cynical and pessimistic. I refuse to believe we’re going to stay in this state in perpetuity just because 3rd world countries do. You guys may give up and see doom spelled in every news story but I’m not giving up and bending over for the globofascists. There I said it.

spez: getting extremely sick of the constant dooming

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I’ve spent the last couple days seeing red about this, and I don’t even live in commiefornia anymore. But the more I think about the more I’m actually glad it’s happening, and happening so blatantly. I’m sorry, but it has to happen this way in order to wake up the remaining “Normies” or whatever you want to call them. The Fox News drones. The Ben Shapiro and the Timcast crowds. We all know who they are. They need for this to happen like this so they can start to come to grips with reality.

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If we were 1/10th as good at organizing as we are at eating our own, we would own all 3 branches of gov't and have blown the election scam wide open by now. That may be an exaggeration but the point still stands. We're really good at complaining on social media sites owned by the communist elite, about the communist elite takeover of our country, and then we're quick to criticize anyone who stands up and tries to lead.

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It’s a window directly into how the ruling class thinks. When they compare the two, it’s not just a political play — the consider their class, the globalist elite, to be so far superior to us commoner deplorable scum, that a riot that they feel threatens their safety is just as bad as the murder of 3,000 of us. Think about that.

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I voted for W in 2004. First time I ever voted. Out of all the things in my life that I've ever heard come out of a politician's mouth in my life, I have never been more disturbed and disgusted than by his statements on the 20-year 9/11 anniversary.

Obviously that is really saying something. But I mean that most seriously, with no exaggeration. He is just as much an enemy of the people as Biden, Hillary, Brennan, Milley, Austin... you name it. I guess I always knew that about him intellectually, but it didn't really hit home until I read his comments the other day. These people are truly soulless and evil.

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While I don't share in the pessimism, I do with the frustration, and I wholeheartedly agree with the point.

We're at least half the country, and we can't even take it upon ourselves to wage basic economic warfare on our enemies, when it's basically no skin off our own noses to do so.

We could wreak so much havoc on the evil forces behind this color revolution... if we would just pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, organize, and stop eating our own.

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