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Awesome job. This is exactly more of what everyone needs.

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Point of order for the typical Conspiracy Theory Retards here... this is an opinion on Twitter.

This is not fact. This is an opinion that reinforces YOUR opinion about how often you are correct.

This is why calling someone a conspiracy theorist is such an effective tool of the Left. You behave like open mouthed paint lickers and use opinion as fact.

Honestly, had you shown statistical evidence suggesting that CTRs are correct even 10% of the time and this was backed up with some sort of empirical study, you might have a point. This is a the opinion of someone who agrees with you about how you feel about your own intelligence and political views.

I agree with many of his points, but goddamn it makes the average CTR here look even dumber than they normally do themselves.

You don't look for evidence to support your theories. You look for people to reinforce your egos. That's not science. That's not critical thinking. That's not demonstrating intelligence in any way.

You do the Left's work for them by being intellectually lazy and you damage your own side with this sort of stupidity. Don't like my opinion? Cool. It's worth exactly as much as the ones you do like and agree with. Get it?

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Honestly, I think Texas wins with either.

I like West, but he has his own issues.

I disliked Cruz for a long while until Trump taught him what winning looked like. Too many people only look backwards and candidates and not at what they are doing today.

They represent us, the constituency. I'm honestly not sure a great many of us were making ourselves heard before Trump either.

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"2000 years have passed since Roman times."

And yet you're still complaining about a short joke.

Next time, take the win. Unit cohesion for males is also dependent on not having such thin skin. Men joke and rib each other. Something you seem incapable of handling with aplomb.

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No. I think he's a highly successful businessman who has the best intentions for our country.

I also think that when you vote for an outsider, you get an outsider and that means you don't get the base or liabilities you get with an establishment candidate.

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Don’t take it personally.

The Roman Legion, manlets to a T, averaged in at 5’2” when they were attacking and bringing the pain to the Gauls who averaged above 6’.

I learned the term Manlet and that tidbit listening to The Lotus Eater podcast on day when they were joking at what a sight that must have been.

The height difference today just means you can shop off the rack and actually sleep on a couch vs those of us who will never know comfort on a plane or shirts that fit unless we fly ourselves (literally part of why I learned) or have things custom tailored.

Good on you. You fit in most cars and can still reach the shelves and do every single thing a real man can do outside hang Christmas lights without a ladder.

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Goddamn son, how stupid do you have to be to have to quote a movie from 1987 as your best line repeatedly? At best, that joke can now register as an antique.

When the kid with Aspergers bouncing his helmeted head off the wall comes up with more creative material, it might be time to rethink your own place in comedy.

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I honestly think a ton of the “black vote” doesn’t vote and the Left has been using them as a resource for fake votes for decades (at least in Texas and Leftist bastions like Houston).

Historically, they simply don’t vote as a culture and we are seeing that change just recently.

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It’ll be interesting.

West seems like a solid guy, but I don’t suffer from the Abbot hate.

Cornyn, however, needs to go. He’s a gun grabber at heart and Texas swamp.

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It’s because 2/3 of the people who hate Trumps endorsements are mentally retarded chimps.

They think there is a perfect candidate behind every corner and Trump is at fault for not picking their fantasy football team that they are absolutely sure (in dictatorship of their own minds) would have fixed everything and done everything correctly.

Stupidity does amazing things for ego preservation and in this case, they love thinking they are better than Trump. Gives them a big ego boost about how smart they think they are.

That’s the base. 101st chairborn division. Never done a real thing in their lives.

Pay no attention to the fuckwits. They hate everything and everyone that doesn’t agree with them. They might as well be leftists.

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As a gen X'r, everyone should get to punch one insufferable idiot in the face once a year.

Land it, and you get credit and no penalties. No punching anyone below the age of 16.

They, of course can strike you back and land their one. Land two and it's assault.

Modern dueling. Anyone can punch a lawyer for free.

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Been going on a lot longer than that.

I grew up around Texas lawyers (I always figured is was good to have a few friends whose dads practiced criminal law as I was prone to do stupid things).

On of them, who retired and currently works with the Harris County (Houston) DA's office, told me stories of how they would round up homeless and poor people in buses in the 60's and 70s and take them to polling locations.

They would feed them What-a-burger one piece at a time at each polling station for votes. Get fries at the first place, a drink at the second, a burger at the next, and repeat the process with a shake for doing it all day.

He was proud of that bullshit and I learned to hate Leftists in watching them revel in their dishonesty.

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I'm close to someone they recruited to be on his show.

He's a typical East Coast/Hollywood Liberal. He thinks he's smarter than anyone else in the room and will rig the room to support that.

Pre-taping, my "friend" was given a list to questions to memorize and not comment on. Those were Maher's canned answers and jokes that had been written out and some other guest would T him up on.

The show is a as scripted and fake as it comes.

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I don’t think a former president has had rallies with this much support post election while not in office either.

This is history. The better a d the worse.

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There exists a level of stupidity on the bell curve that is just smart enough to occasionally correct someone on a minor pedantic issue and be justified in the strictest sense.

By their nature, they are also in a position where it is impossible to be corrected by someone dumber.

This person is the luckiest retard in the world.

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It's really not. He loses credibility when the foundational argument devolves into Jewish communal memory" around page 16.

Critical race theory pushes the same nonsense when it comes to the monolithic structures they claim to be inherent in "whiteness". Either the evil white counsel doesn't exist or I'm simply not on the mailing list... or we should hire the Asians to aid in our unorganized "whiteness"... though they aren't fans of ours, they could increase our efficiency ten fold.

The monolithic nature of a race or ethnic culture is demonstrably false in both cases either way; but, before I judge his entire catalog, I'm willing to read some of his other work. He's certainly an interesting type of human to choose defend evolutionary biology in California. I'm just not sure he's not a troll who has publishing pre-requisites to maintain his tenure or possibly a full blown idiot who happens to be skilled at being an academic. That's often the most overlooked part of CTR (Conspiracy Theory Retards) belief structure. This person has some credibility so he or she must have ALL credibility. It's the same basic poor critical thinking skills that led them to believe RCT (Retarded Conspiracy Theory) in the first place (eg. UFOs exist, therefore aliens must exist; The Left or Right has corruption, therefore everyone on that side must be corrupt; Hollywood has some child molesters, therefore everything else about Hollywood must also be true; etc., etc.).

The belief that academic recognition is a sign of intelligence shows you needed to spend more time in academia. It's more of a political animal than a bastion of truth and learning. I've was kicked out of more colleges than most people's entire families attend. My first paper was on Dwarf Tossing just to see if I could get away with that level of bullshit. I did... and I got an A.

But thanks for the read. You've certainly piqued my interest in deciding to flat out defend the anti-Jew stance vs the average CTR stance. Not often do people out hit you with the "Nazis were right," side of the debate so quickly and that is refreshing.

You're an odd duck, but you've got more intellectual honestly than most.

And for the record, the FBI couldn't pay me enough to work for them.

It's always odd that guys like you call out other people for being FBI are doing exactly what the FBI does. You try to recruit to your ranks. I'm not recruiting. I'm calling CTRs out for what they are. I sincerely don't care if they don't like me. The village idiot is going to wag his dick at you from the wall whether he likes you or not.

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Ouch, when someone is dumb enough to defend racism and Stormfags just to defend their own mindless conspiracy theory, they might be a low IQ paint licker.

Here's a mind blower for you... using an Ad Hominem doesn't make said Ad Hominem untrue you utter fucking moron.

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The typical stormfags and racists here are smarter than the people they are seeking to recruit.

They are recruiting the conspiracy theory retards by speaking calmly and measured and never actually providing any proof or substance; but, they instead insinuate that X is the root of all evil. X usually being “Da joos” or “dem joggers”.

In short, they’ve learned to speak retard at the retard’s level.

Call them out for what they are and move on. Mods actually do a decent job most of the time when these guys appear.

You can’t fix stupid though. The kind of fat lazy fuckwit here that only looks to be right and win internet points vs fix things or wants to complain without ever doing a thing in their own lives is the kind of person that’s easy to recruit. Because it simplifies a complex world and absolves them of guilt and sloth.

90% of the people on our side, even here, will never lift a finger to so much as volunteer to be a poll watcher.

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The dictionary is on audiobook.

No excuses for using Call of Duty for your firearms education.

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What an absolute fucking retard you are.

If you have children, send them quickly to anyone else to raise. You're a fucking moron.

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Not really.

It's what you wanted to have happen (as well as me), but you cannot say that with certainty because we cannot prove a negative.


That's the end of discussion.

You are mad at a fantasy of what you wanted to happen, but she's dead. She paid the heaviest price and no matter what her last days were like, she served our country with honor as far as we know.

Show some class and dial it back and you'll find more people are willing to agree with your point of view and maybe listen to your "she had ties to antifa" stuff.

Saying Trump would be in the White House if it weren't for her is just a silly larp on your party. Shitting on a vet and the dead is very real and shows a lack of character.

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She's dead bro.

No matter how you feel, the autistic outburst just makes you look bad and doesn't do anything to make your point.

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Moves from dallas to outside Houston.

Houston people generally hate Dallas.

Dallas doesn’t think about Houston.

It’s utterly bizarre.

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