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Fitting that Ghislane Maxwell’s lil buddy, Kevin Spacey, is voicing the character…

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Perhaps he had a mohel with a shaky hand?

Took a little too much off the top?

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Perhaps he had a mohel with a shaky hand?

Took a little too much off the top?

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So sorry man. Prayers up for you and him, although we know he’s in a better place.

Take care of yourself. You did a good job.

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Right on, right on, right on…

To quote Rush Limbaugh.

There are a lot of us who have been burned SO MANY TIMES we are very cautious. And when we only have words and not deeds…we have to scrutinize all historical info re someone and that includes deeds, and weird coincidences, like being in a dem audience w buttigeg…

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This is one of my fav Pepes.

It’s more like the gap band…you dropped a bomb on me…

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I just told my moderately liberal friend about school vouchers…she never heard of them before!

Told her that the Democrats keep kids, especially poor kids and kids of color, in failing schools while Trump and republicans believe in school choice.


Most people aren’t that political and get current events from social media and the news—can you imagine if people actually heard truth?

Break the propaganda…break the wheel

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I mean…that name! Jordan FUCHS. Doesn’t know how to empty a trash can, probably can’t make a sandwich either.

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“The more you INDICT the more we UNITE!”

This guy’s a regular Johnnie Cochran…and I love it!

We are all going to come together and bring this entire diseased temple down.

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This property was intended to be the winter whitehouse and actually has a SCIF

Mar a Lago secret bunker

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Yes. She needs help. It’s awful what happens to people in Hollywood. But instead of getting actual help…she got help that told her…you’re a man! Cut off your breasts! Take testosterone!

Yet you’ve still been abused and raped. Becoming a “man” doesn’t make that go away.

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He knows what the mugshots look like. He floats a more attractive mugshot out.

Internet breaks.

He owns the image on what will be the most famous t-shirt in the world.

Commies REEEE when the real mugshot is released.

Jokes on them.

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And now you’ll be the only one left to make funeral arrangements.

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It’s just learning through first-hand experience…being disinvited to holidays, weddings, etc. really tells you a lot about “family”.

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You mean “so, like anyone COULD,I went and watched the video”

Good on you! Most don’t watch the video at all and take the talking heads/headlines word for it.

Actually watching videos in context —like Trump’s “making fun of retards” or “murders and criminals” talking about Mexicans when he was actually talking about MS13, were not watched all the way. No context.

This fact started the walk away campaign w Brandon Stratka.

The MSM is a big part of the reason we find ourselves here.

So are the teacher’s unions and the school system. It’s easier to control know nothings. That’s the goal.

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“Bowing his head in solemnity…”

While unconscious and snoring.

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Talk about a great campaign issue. You know how many MAGA converts there would be in there?

These people don’t get why Trump is loved…he is the GOAT.

Notice how he says Trump will be “alone”? He’s trying to allude to Trump getting Epsteined.

To incite something.

To bring forward their next plan…making all MAGA terrorists… then FBI “talks” in the pre-dawn…

When you step back and think…strzok ain’t no chess master.

His wife put up with his affair? No divorce?

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