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Also this:


There is a similarly between HIV spike protein abd the Scov2 spike protein (which the vaccines make your body produce) So it would follow that there is a higher probability that people injected with the vaccines will test positive for HIV and be removed from the ‘vaccinated’ study group in the results.

Remember it’s only those who came down with ‘symptoms’, or had ‘events’ who were studied in the clinical trial.

But then that is compared with the overall group. So if you remove more ‘symptomatic’ people from the vaccinated group, you get the appearance that the vaccine was effective in preventing the disease, when in fact they just removed them from the group because of the HIV loophole giving them the statistical ‘efficacy’ they wanted.

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First, this is my conjecture. No one AFAIK has connect these dots.




Per protocol, safety results for participants infected with HIV (196 patients) will be analyzed separately and are not included here.

You can google “HIV Covid Australia vaccine”

Here is an example:


We also know that the genetic sequence of SarsCov2 contains HIV fragments, so it would follow that it is possible the vaccines would produce that would show up on an HIV/ PCR test

And we know how easy the PCR test result can be manipulated with the cycle count.

So it is essentially a way to manipulate the result of a clinical study any way they wish

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Yet DeSantis signed a bill allowing for forced vaccination ‘any means necessary’ under the guise of banning vaccine passports.

Not to say I don’t like the guy, but I need an answer for this, and I have yet to receive one

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‘Defect’? He was already working for Chyna

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Note that the vaccines were causing people to test positive for HIV in Australia. Note also at how they removed HIV positives from the vaccine study

This is where the fraud is. An equal number of people got ‘symptoms’ 15 days after injection in both groups (about 140 people both vaccine and placebo) But since hiv positives were removed, from the study, more of the ‘symptomatic’ vaccine group got removed giving the impression that the vaccine was ‘effective’ as you say. It’s also why Fauci was adamant that the vaccine was to prevent ‘clinical disease’ not infection

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Also, imagine the government not having enough ‘resources or money’ LOL

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Man she looks horrible. like she’s aged 10 years since taking this job.

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“ I don't want to wear masks anymore" and "my work is requiring it"

This is the metaphor for the mark of the beast on the hand (your will)

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Follow Dr. Mercola, Del Bigtree etc Get to know an acupuncturist, and some herbalists.

Problem is the whole system has become corrupted by pharma and insurance, especially Medicare. If you can find people out of that system, the better. There is always docitir in Mexico too

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This is how I’ve felt all year. Lol.,. I actually told people this to freak them out

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and those others who had long term effects, lets just pretend we don’t know where it came from and call it a new disease…,something like ALS

Now pour some ice water over your head and post it on Facebook you stupid faggots Honk 🤡

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Except in Great Britain and Ireland they have the passport. There are always a certain number of people who resist, but the vast majority is going along with it. I’m not dooming, …well I guess I am. Many people resisted the initial lockdowns and it did nothing. The next ones will include violence and the vast majority of people (vacced) will be cheering it on. It will be vicious

I can see how the dynamic being set up.

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Except my point is the restriction is already in place, it’s just not enforced. Florida has signed into law forced vaccination under the guise of banning vaccine passport. When the time comes the vaxxed will be cheering it in as they will have seen someone close to them die and will also fear their own life. It’s more likely that the un-vacced will go into hiding rather than resist. I think you underestimate what’s coming

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