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Chill. The image is reversed. Look at the words in the background, as well as the ‘don’t tread on me’ flag

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yeah, I re-watched this movie last year in march, at the peak hysteria. Had seen it many years ago, shortly after the Ebola ‘outbreak’

I remember it was shortly after watching this film again that I decided to myself that the whole Covid thing was a bullshit hoax.

It was not the intended effect of the film. The intended effect was the opposite, to make you afraid.

But it was such a scripted and poorly acted film, meant to seem ‘real’, I realized that what was in the Tv and news was the same; scripted and poorly acted.

Everything after it just seemed fake. I started thinking of the videos of people falling down the streets in china. Fake. Of how Harvard, The NBA and Tom Hanks all closed and got covid on the same day; scripted.

The fucking NY times article of the crying nurse, body bags and refrigerator trucks, could have come straight from the movie.

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“At this point, what difference does it make???…..


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Yeah, I kind of wonder if he has set them up for an epic lawsuit.

‘You lied to me, I followed your shitty advice, I was acting in the public interest you were not, now look at the damage you have caused’

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That would be epic 5D chess. Unfortunately they are going to go ahead with these mandates no matter what

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No unvaccinated people are dying

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The supposed immune response is useless. These spike proteins are prions. What the article is implying is that when the cells that have produced the spike proteins die, they will be freely released into the body. Your body recycles all the cells in body over a 38 month period. This means that everybody who injected is a ticking biological time bomb with a three year fuse

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They want you to think ‘a virus was released from a lab’. It’s propaganda; part of the hollywood script.

If it ‘hadn’t been released from a lab’ nobody would give a shit about this virus. It’s has a 99.98% survivability.

Look, I want Tony Fauci to hang. But he is playing his part, because he knows there is no consequence and a huge payoff.

It’s a grift man. Get wise

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They are all part of the same deep state branch

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You aren’t committed a felony if you are acting in self-defense

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Jan 6 was a fake psyop. The million or so people who went to see Trump speak had nothing to do with what went on inside the Capitol

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I supposed when they make vaccine mandatory to do anything in daily life. As bad shape as our country is, it’s nowhere as far along down the globohomo shithole as Europe has been taken

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He needs to do the same with the vaccines

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What? Because it’s the truth?

I’m having a hard time defining a ‘good’ person as a ‘good’ person if they are willing participants in evil

The only redemption for them is repentance and full rejection of this evil being perpetrated on others, which frankly, I don’t see a lot of

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You only have to look at the political platform of the NSDAP to understand they were leftist.

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The Germans have never won a war. They practice Realpolitik which means they do whatever suits their advantage at the time, without principle. German culture was one the peak of civilization but how many times do they have to commit cultural suicide until all that’s left is a bunch of ass-licking paper pushers. Germany is beyond redemption at this point

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