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Look at the username. The ultra-patriotic usernames are mostly shills. And no, he can't back up what he's saying.

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That wasn't their original goal, neither country acheived their original goal. That was just Putin making the moves that made the best sense given the circumstances and knowing that the Western leaders are in fact sociopaths who don't care about losses.

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Also you:

Imagine if all the big Democrat cities were gone.

We would be in charge of whatever remains.

Deport the handshake retard.

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The virus was real, it was the idea that it was anywhere near as dangerous as they said that was the hoax, and of course the response to it was very harmful. But that's quite a different statement from "covid was a hoax".

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Just as that's an aspect of human psychology that won't go away, so too is it to try to blame easy targets rather than the strong, vicious enemies who are in charge of things. I see it here all the time, blaming people who were fooled and then might actually join us, and it too is cowardice.

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Which is why this impeachment is just helping the Dems. Needs to wait until after the filing deadline.

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Weren't you saying in another thread that there was no evidence of fraud, and when u/War_Hamster called you out, you deleted your comments and ran like a little bitch?

Yes, that was you!

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There is no shortage of targets.

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Not from our side, no. No one here would vote for him over Trump. But quite possibly, through fraud, he'll get votes that were actually for Trump.

I think the best way to use him to our advantage would be to eliminate that possibility by having him as Trump's VP. I think it's critical to remove that option from the Dems. VP is a nearly powerless position as long as the President is still there, and it might pull over some Dem votes.

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I'm thinking they want him out of the way so Newsom can run. And he's much worse for us. If it is Biden vs Trump, Biden is so hated now that they might not be able to fraud him in. That isn't the case with Newsom.

All of this means that this impeachment needs to wait until after the deadline to announce a run for President. That would force them to either have Newsom go up against Biden openly, or they keep Biden. Either is better than having him removed before that deadline, which only helps the Dems. And of course, that's why McCarthy is doing this.

If we all woke up tomorrow and found that McCarthy was dead, that would be a great morning.

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That's interesting. How did you research this, by contacting them? The prevailing opinion on it that I see here from sensible people is that they're trying to make money off the site so they don't want to lose the shills as they are users. Foolish if true, as it'll kill the site in the long term, but I think at least some of them are just in on it.

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You could be right, but all that would mean is that he's not in on it, just like Trump wasn't in on the Jan 6th plan. They'll still use him to their advantage.

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I think this is actually their plan. RFK may not be in on it, but they can fraud votes to him from Trump to have an explanation for why the Dems won again when their approval has never been lower.

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I was thinking that maybe this time they did do something about it since those comments were deleted, but no. You're right, of course.

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That is fucking evil.

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Agreed. She was a kid when it started, she didn't have any choice. It's not the same as an adult woman knowing what she's getting into.

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I'm noticing more and more shills who infiltrate here and then try to build consensus that there is no evidence of fraud. u/Episodical is one, member for 27 days, and u/MyFlagIsMyBond, member for 21 days, is another. They seem related to the large number of shills who give lip service to supporting Trump and then take the left's position on everything.

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This is not a Trump supporter.

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