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I bet they were all POC or LGBT.

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I just spent the last couple months stocking my pantry with canned and dry goods. This stuff will keep for years.

I also have 800 rounds of bird shot and live next to a marsh.

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Just got back from the grocery store. They're starting to stretch items across the shelves to create the illusion of full shelves.

Remember, there is no selection under communism.

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And that is what I think will happen. You can't have communism without famine. And when the famine hits, the guns will come out. Neighborhoods will form hunting parties.

And my hope is those hunting parties combine with others to form militias. And those militias combine to form an army. An army so great, it can march on and occupy Washington DC with ease. Communism hasn't been tried in an armed nation. Our forefathers knew what they were doing.

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They'll eventually pay for it, one way or another.

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Now is the time for a coordinated general strike of conservatives. Stop working. Stop buying. Stop paying bills. Shut it down. All of it.

We could get Biden out of office within a couple of months, if not weeks if we did this.

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I have not spread a single ounce of hate towards blacks. I am merely pointing out that my life experiences combined with hard data tells me that blacks are incapable of being civilized as a whole. For every good decent one, there are hundreds of shitty gang-bangers who lack basic developed empathy. They'd kill their own mother if it got them street cred.

I'd love to live in a world where we didn't have to treat blacks differently, but this ain't it. And until blacks drop their violent crime rates and stop acting like perpetual children crying about racism all the time, while at the same time spreading hate and violence towards whites, I have no intention of allowing these animals anywhere near my family. I don't want them in my community until they can get their shit together and learn to be civilized. Period.

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The entire LGBTQ community is less than 2% of the population. They're not near as significant as liberals want them to be.

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So true. Democrats cracked the code when it comes to rigging our elections. This country is going to go down in a ball of flames if Americans don't wake the fuck up.

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"In-N-Out Burger employees were allegedly “not preventing the entry of customers who were not carrying proper vaccination documentation.”

Haahahaahah, fuck your vaccine passports. I love In-n-Out even more now. I'm going to take my family there for lunch today in support.

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You willfully ignore the murder rates and violent crime rates of blacks and you somehow think you have room to talk.

Your ignorance makes you complicit, fucking faggot.

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"inherent trait is just a crock of bullshit."

Then why is every country that is predominately black an absolute shithole and littered in violence?

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Then stay ignorant.

Today a white child will be savagely beaten, maybe murdered by a black man, and it's possible because of pieces of shit like you who willfully ignore their violent and criminal nature.

You're a fucking pussy.

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Black people are 12.6% of the population, yet cause 53% of the murders on an annual basis. Meaning there are more annual black murderers in America than ALL other races COMBINED.

You can try and shift blame to the government all you want, but it's clear what the real problem is.

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So you grew up in a white neighborhood that had a couple black families. Got it. That is NOT a black neighborhood. 50 years of civil rights and there is still no such thing as a "nice black neighborhood" anywhere in America. Living in a black neighborhood is not the same thing as growing up in one. Kids can't protect themselves like adults can.

Economically privileged white people like you have no place discussing issues you have no experience with. You don't know of the violence that white people had to experience at the hands of blacks.

85% of all interracial violence in America over the past 30 years has been black on white. So fuck your old world that doesn't exist anymore. THIS is the shit you pro-black morons left us.

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I honestly can't tell if this comic was made by a lib or a conservative.

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And my point is, your ignorant minimal experience around blacks doesn't align with reality. Blacks have always had a higher rate of crime due their virtue of ignorance. Giving civil rights to the uncivilized did nothing but amplify their criminality.

You Boomers fell asleep at the wheel, thinking "they're just like us". You idiots opened the door, and now these fuckers are destroying every aspect of American civilization they occupy.

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No, I grew in the inner city during the Rodney King riots. I had more violent hate crimes perpetuated against me for the color of my skin by the time I was 15, than ANY black man living in America today.

You don't have a fucking clue what you actually support.

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You can blame the government all you want, I grew up around blacks. It's not the government making them act like that, it's their culture. It's love of ignorance and self-righteousness that makes them incapable of being civilized.

Also, black churches is where they organize and spread hate and violence towards whites. Most of their hate for whites is learned in church. So no, they're not "good black Christians". They're still demons who want nothing more than the extermination of whites.

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If you were trying to destroy the US, what would you do differently?

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