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Muslims and for that matter blacks are barely a problem when you remove the sh!tstirrers.

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Yes, I should have been more specific about that. I was segueing rather abruptly from one thought to a new thought unrelated to Glenn.

I think maybe he will see the light one day, let's hope.

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This is a metric Seth Keshel likes to play with:

Party registration Kentucky June 2021

(R) . 1,649,790

(D) . 1,576,259


Ratio of this to that in KY (my own calculations):

R to D . 1.04

Trump to Biden . 1.07

McConnell to McGrath 0.94

..... McConnell REALLY tanked here, but not enough to lose to McGrath I suspect, but she ran much stronger than Biden even WITH a presumed McConnell steal going on .... ? Who knows, it's tough in a Republican state (for a Dem) to steal a seat without paying.

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Presidential results 2020

Trump (R). 1,326,646

McConnell (D) 1,233,315

Biden (R) . 772,474

McGrath (D) . 816,257



Well I'm not sure this is a slam dunk. ...... If McConnell tied or led Trump, then you'd know it was fixed. Let's try something else. brb

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OK so these stats show McConnell rigging -- no doubt.

Lemme check some Trump v Biden numbers and I'll be right back.

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Both the Turtle and Graham were in fear of their political lives last fall before they somehow got Domini0n'd into re-election.

McConnell -- doesn't he poll in the 20s approval rating IN Kentucky?

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Greenwald writes like a dream. And is even better at research and synthesizing.

What a mess that FBI Whitmer trap is.

Anyone know how (why?) on earth BUZZFEED broke some of the story ?

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If a fag is MAGA I will defend them without question.

Talked to a gay friend about this two days ago -- he stated of course that he has to be courageous in the face of endless bullying by the [email protected] But there a LOT of MAGA gays, anti-gay-marriage gays, outspoken pro-Trump Gays. Love 'em.

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oh that's right -- BLM got hushed up as the Nov election approached ...

soccer moms no likee.

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YOU ARE of course correct.

Pointed out by Tim Dillon in his visit to Joe Rogan --

The fact that Epstein is real is a game changer.


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The Cabal!

There's another wrinkle here too, hey u/Chopblock --

do you think this is a sophisticated testing of the Overton window?

Have the U.S. Dykes Team kneel -- test the waters -- dial it down a notch -- but then dial it back up because you planted the notion that Patriotism blows ... rinse, repeat.

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Sure ... if we were back in 2019.

We're in a different world now. (America's Descent into Madness -- Victor Davis Hanson)

It's not about any of that any more. It's about being VERY careful not to allow Patriot momentum to grow as part of the backlash. See Chopblock's astute comment.

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So many bulls-eyes here:

Their kneeling was galvanizing support for patriotism. Like the ’useful idiots’ they are, they are now being thrown under the bus because they’re no longer useful. Even though standing goes against their supposed “deeply-held morals “ and exposes them as cunty hypocrites, it removes an easy rallying point for the Right from constantly appearing and lets the media walk away and pretend like the whole thing never happened.

Danger hair’s 15 minutes is up, and she brought down the whole team with her.

LOL Danger hair.

The next U.S. women’s team will be the type of average high school boys team who can easily defeat the ladies, but wearing wigs and necklaces like Bacci boys for that sweet sweet transgender scholarship money.

A safe prediction. Unless instead they are physically mature guys in their 20s instead of h.s. boys.

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YES. And now by walking it back, they are removing momentum in the direction of Patriots created by the backlash.

See u/ChopBlock 's comment

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^^^ What's going on here is much closer to this than something the "sponsors" want. You are hitting on Yuri Brezmenov's demoralizaton campaign -- ALWAYS puncture momentum gaining for Patriots.

Bingo. Ideological war, not money.

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it's not that simple.

the china money flow is there, and it's in a death battle with the New York-City of London-Tel Aviv money triangle. both money flows have more wealth than anyone can spend ever.

BTW "Americans" are completely cut out of this loop. As in 100%.

it's a power game of some sort.

if only "money" was the thing folks were fighting over. that was the good ole days.

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I mean, it would be AWESOME if you could still "follow the money" like Woodward and Bernstein did ... that's where the phrase originated from. But that linkage got broken at some recent date, I'm trying to think when.

The more relevant phrase now is cui bono, who benefits .... that's what I am grappling with. And coming up empty.

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That --- money --- has gotten completely uncoupled from wokeism decisions ....

MLB .... Delta ... Coke ... all the companies Trump called to boycott ... nothing brings them to heel.

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Except they don't. Major league sports is inflicting huge losses on itself with woke-ism. So are the airlines. So is Coca-Cola. They are following the POWER, which is playing a weird game vis a vis MONEY.

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